‘Whipahols’ Rise in Student Popularity

With companies now releasing “whipahol” – alcohol-infused whipped cream – many speculate that the new product may be filling the void left by the ban on Four Loko. Brands of the whipped cream such as Whipped Lightning and Cream are advertising their flavored product as a topping for drinks, cocktails[Read More…]

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The Journey Toward Securing Democracy

Lee Kuan Yew, the founder of modern Singapore, said that his political model for the state could only be achieved in small countries. Precise as ever, he stated that in countries larger than Jamaica his model of rule of law would not hold the population in lock-step. His remark tells[Read More…]

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$17 Million Gift Endows Retreat Center

Endowed with a $17 million gift from Arthur (COL ’54) and Nancy Calcagnini, Georgetown will complete construction on a new retreat center in Bluemont, Va., by 2011, according to a university press release. The Calcagnini Contemplative Center will rest on a 55-acre plot of land located 75 minutes away from[Read More…]

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Personality Hallmark of MSB’s Technology Center

Inside the newest building on campus sits an electronic haven stocked with the advancements of the 21st century and staffed by students with a passion for technology. While the rest of the university community relies on University Information Services, the McDonough School of Business Technology Center provides technology solutions for[Read More…]

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Online Gizmo for Aid Packages Faces Skeptics

Colleges and universities will be required by law to post net price calculators allowing students to estimate the cost of matriculation on their websites by October 2011. But striking a balance between simplicity and accuracy in online net cost calculators poses a challenge for universities like Georgetown, where methods for[Read More…]

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WikiLeaks: When Transparency Goes Wrong

The website WikiLeaks made headlines again this Sunday when it released a new set of U.S. government classified documents. This new installment of controversial publications from WikiLeaks, following the July and October disclosures, sheds unparalleled light on the behind-the-scenes diplomacy that has increasingly dominated American foreign policy over the past[Read More…]

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Turkish Minister Speaks on Policy Aims

Reflecting on his days as an academic, Turkey’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Ahmet Davutoglu spoke in Gaston Hall on Monday about Turkish foreign policy and his country’s relationship with the United States. In his speech, Davutoglu emphasized Turkey’s importance in global affairs and the country’s hopes for greater global interdependence[Read More…]

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D.C. Officials Propose Solutions to Budget Deficit

Mayor Adrian Fenty and his successor Vincent Gray have set out to reverse the $18 million deficit the D.C. government has accumulated. Both have stressed the need to avoid tax hikes. The revised budget Fenty released on Nov. 23 did not include tax increases for Washington, D.C. residents, and instead[Read More…]

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Contest Winners Reimagine the Hilltop

Two pairs of Georgetown students will be given the chance to enhance life on the Hilltop this year, winning $3,000 each for the concepts they proposed to Reimagine Georgetown. The Reimagine Georgetown grants, which range from $500 to $10,000, are awarded annually to students, faculty and staff members who present[Read More…]

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University Sees Rise in Early Applications From Minority Students

Applications from minority students surged in this year’s early action admissions cycle, according to Charles Deacon, dean of undergraduate admissions. The number of applications from black students swelled by 44.9 percent this fall, with 526 applying this year, up from 363 early applications last year. Among Asian-Americans and international students,[Read More…]

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