Students demonstrated outside University President John J. DeGioia's suite of offices this evening as GSC members met with Chief of Staff Joe Ferrara and Vice President for Student Affairs Todd Olson.

GSC Members Stage Sit-In in President’s Suite

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Seventeen members of workers’ rights advocacy group Georgetown Solidarity Committee are staging a sit-in in University President John J. DeGioia’s suite of offices to protest the university’s licensing contract with Nike. About 50 Georgetown community members also rallied in Dahlgren Quadrangle shortly after the sit-in began at 10:00 a.m., before stagingRead More

About 10 students from the Georgetown Solidarity Committee delivered a letter yesterday to Chief of Staff Joseph Ferrara demanding the university end its contract with Nike by the end of business hours today.

GSC Demands University End Nike Contract

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The workers’ rights advocacy group Georgetown Solidarity Committee demanded the university cut its licensing contract with Nike by the end of business hours today when about 10 of its members delivered a letter yesterday afternoon to Chief of Staff Joseph Ferrara. The group also had a private meeting with FerraraRead More

Council Postpones Release of Results

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The results of last Thursday’s Georgetown University Student Association senate restructuring referendum will not be released or certified before winter break, after the GUSA Constitutional Council extended its enjoinment of the Election Commission at a public hearing yesterday. The ruling comes on the heels of a complaint of unlawful electioneeringRead More

georgetown university campus plan
The Washington, D.C. Zoning Commission approved the 20-year campus plan with the collaboration of students, administration and neighbors in Georgetown.

Campus Plan Receives Approval

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The Washington, D.C. Zoning Commission unanimously approved Georgetown University’s 20-year campus plan in a hearing Dec. 1, ending a four-yearlong process led by the Georgetown Community Partnership. The 20-year plan, which prioritizes student housing renovations, outlines future academic spaces and plans revitalized on-campus student life, spans from January 2017 throughRead More

Edgar Welch was arrested Sunday for discharging an assault rifle at the Comet Ping Pong pizzeria after reading an online conspiracy theory about the restaurant.

Fake News Prompts Pizzeria Gun Scare

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A man was arrested Sunday afternoon after walking into a pizzeria in Northwest Washington, D.C., with an assault rifle and discharging his weapon, citing a desire to self-investigate a false online conspiracy theory linking the pizzeria to a child sex trafficking ring, according to the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police Department.Read More

Biden Cautions Against Deregulation

Biden Cautions Against Deregulation

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To ensure the 2009 financial crisis does not repeat itself, the United States should keep financial regulations in place after President Barack Obama leaves office, according to Vice President Joe Biden in a speech in Gaston Hall on Monday. “On almost every measure, Americans are better off today than theyRead More

Richard Spencer, who coined the term “alt-right,” came under fire for hosting a conference in D.C. that centered around white nationalism and white supremacy.

District, Nation Sees Increased ‘Alt-Right’ Presence

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A recent increase in reported bias-related incidents at Georgetown mirrors a national increase in hate crimes since the election of President-elect Donald Trump, increasing concerns about the role of the so-called “alt-right,” also known as the “alternative right,” and the presence of white nationalist groups in Washington, D.C. Since Trump’sRead More

Georgetown College Announces 4 New Minors for Spring

Georgetown College Announces 4 New Minors for Spring

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Georgetown College plans to introduce four new minors, including Creative Writing, Persian language, Turkish language and Religion, Ethics and World Affairs, beginning next spring. Students in the college can currently select from minors in 44 areas of study, in addition to seven School of Foreign Service regional studies certificates. ARead More

SFS Hosts Discussion Series Following Election Results

SFS Hosts Discussion Series Following Election Results

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Students continue to voice the need for increased campus dialogue about the ramifications of the election of President-elect Donald Trump to the presidency, specifically on issues concerning minority students, in a weeklong series of discussions organized by Georgetown School of Foreign Service faculty members and SFS student leaders. Seven small-groupRead More

Students React to Chair Fine

Students React to Chair Fine

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Henle Village residents and the Georgetown University Student Association have raised concerns over university spending after residents were charged a total of $2,234.08 after four chairs in Henle Village common space were damaged by vandalism. According to an email to Henle residents, each chair cost $558.52 with each individual residentRead More