With a platform focused on affordability, Matthews and Matz look to change the institution of GUSA.

Matthews, Matz Represent Outsiders in Campaign

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Since John Matthews (COL ’18) and Nick Matz (COL ’18) met on the rowing team during their freshman year, the two friends have been involved in a variety of activities on campus. Matz, who quit rowing last fall, joined the Georgetown University Alumni and Student Federal Credit Union, where heRead More

Lauinger Library reduced its collections budget by 17.5 percent, after the university reduced the library’s budget by about $1 million for fiscal year 2016 as part of a series of budget cuts across the university.

Lauinger Library Reduces Collection After Budget Cuts

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Lauinger Library’s budget was cut by $1 million for fiscal year 2016, requiring the library to reduce its principal collections of books to avoid staff layoffs. In July 2015, the library took a 6-percent overall budget reduction as part of a broader university effort to reduce spending, according to UniversityRead More

Panelists Call for Bipartisan Solution in Syria

Panelists Call for Bipartisan Solution in Syria

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To assist those displaced by the Syria’s civil war, the United States must help establish and maintain safe zones in Syria where civilians will not be in danger, according to a bipartisan panel of journalists, advocates, political commentators and politicians in a panel hosted by Georgetown’s Institute of Politics andRead More

Alexander Marquardt (SFS ’04), an ABC foreign correspondent, spoke at an event Monday night about the Syrian Civil War and its effects on extremism in the region, based on his experience covering the Arab Spring in 2011, United States presidential campaigns and the conflict in Syria, which he considers the most difficult war he could have covered.

ABC Foreign Correspondent Discusses Syrian War

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The civil war in Syria and President Bashar al-Assad’s attempts to quell rebels have led to an increase in extremism in the region, according to a talk by Alexander Marquardt (SFS ’04), ABC News foreign correspondent, Monday evening. Marquardt has covered significant world events, including the 2008 United States presidentialRead More

Mayor Bowser Allows Paid Family Leave to Move to Congress

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Employees in Washington, D.C. will receive paid family leave benefits starting in January 2020 after Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) allowed the legislation funding the new program to move to the U.S. Congress for review. Bowser, who is a vocal critic of the act’s financial cost and extent of the law’sRead More

DC Restaurants Participate in Day Without Immigrants

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Thousands of immigrants and immigration advocates across the United States participated in a national strike Thursday to protest President Donald Trump’s immigration policies. The protests, collectively called the “Day without Immigrants,” originally gained traction on social media, informally organized on Facebook and WhatsApp, an instant messaging service. Organizers said theRead More

Professors Receive Awards For Excellence in Teaching

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A professor who combines history and science in one course, a professor who helps students of color adapt to life at Georgetown and another who serves as a faculty adviser to the Georgetown University Student Veteran Association received this year’s Dean’s Award for Excellence in Teaching in the Gonda TheaterRead More

Mack, Andino Platform Spotlights Entrepreneurship

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The commitment to a fresh, more diverse and representative Georgetown University Student Association is reflected in Kamar Mack (COL ’19) and Jessica Andino’s (COL ’18) platform. “We have built every single piece of our platform to serve underrepresented populations. That is something that Jessica and I hold dear,” Mack said.Read More

Matthews, Matz Advocate Reduction in Costs

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Of the candidates in this year’s Georgetown University Student Association election, John Matthews (COL ’18) and Nick Matz (COL ’18) have presented students with the shortest platform, which includes a total of 10 policy points. The platform consists of policies designed to reduce the cost of attending Georgetown, including eliminatingRead More

Williams, Ali Look to Create More Inclusive GUSA

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The policy platform proposed by Georgetown University Student Association executive candidates Garet Williams (COL ’18) and Habon Ali (SFS ’18) focuses on efforts to expand diversity, transparency and mental health. According to Williams, his and Ali’s campaign focuses on four themes crucial to any Georgetown student’s experience: “Resources, transparency, inclusivityRead More