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Unemployment Rate Declines in D.C. Area

The D.C. Metro area’s unemployment rate fell to 6.1 percent in November, according to data released last week by the U.S. Department of Labor, after a continuous rise that lasted four months. In the District proper, the 11.8 percent unemployment rate is one of the highest in the country, compared[Read More…]

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Students Support New Plastic Bag Tax That Encourages Environmental Friendliness

As students return to the Georgetown campus for the spring semester, they will be forced to search for an extra nickel at the cash register to accommodate a new tax on disposable bags in the District. On Jan. 1, Washington, D.C., became the first major U.S. city to impose a[Read More…]

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YouthBuild Provides Fresh Start Through Education

In light of D.C.’s unemployment rate, one of the lowest in the nation, the YouthBuild Public Charter School, located in Columbia Heights, is providing a unique opportunity for young men and women who have not completed their schooling and are in need of professional training and education. The school educates[Read More…]

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Marathon Kidney Exchange Saves 13 Lives at GU Medical Center

Georgetown University Medical Center conducted a record-breaking kidney exchange on Dec. 2 during which 26 different surgeries gave 13 patients with severe kidney disease life-saving organ replacements. “Those people literally needed a needle in a haystack,” Keith Melancon, director of the Kidney Pancreas Transplant program at Georgetown University Hospital, said[Read More…]

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GU Given Research Funding

The university has been awarded over $20 million in federal stimulus funding to support the research efforts of 50 faculty members at the Georgetown University Medical Center and on the main campus, it announced in a press release on Jan. 5. The grants, many of which will be distributed over[Read More…]

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International Law Center Opens in London

Georgetown University Law School traveled across the pond this year to establish the Center for Transnational Legal Studies. CTLS, which is the first institution of its kind focused on international and comparative law, opened its doors to students last month in London, England. According to the Web site, CTLC is[Read More…]

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Safeway to Get a Little More ‘Social’

Who would have thought that a mundane trip to Safeway could turn into a social event? In an effort to create a more welcoming atmosphere, owners of the Wisconsin Avenue Safeway are planning extensive renovations to turn the current grocery store into a “Social Safeway” shopping center almost 50 percent[Read More…]

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Students ‘Jumpstart’ City School’s Revitalization

Not all college students took a break from the library this past Saturday. Volunteers from Georgetown, The George Washington University and Howard University, along with students and parents from River Terrace Elementary School in Northeast D.C., gathered at the school to complete various beautification projects, as well as to construct[Read More…]

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Crime Dip Reported on Campus

Campus crime dropped 11 percent last year, although thefts and burglaries increased dramatically at the Law Center, according to the annual crime statistics report released Friday by the university. The 11 percent drop in crime on and around the Main Campus from 2005-2006 follows a 12 percent dip the year[Read More…]

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Bicycle Theft Prevalent on Campus, in D.C.

Georgetown has experienced a spike in bicycle thefts recently, with eight stolen bikes reported to the Department of Public Safety in the past four weeks, following a trend in Northwest D.C. According to DPS Director Darryl Harrison, eight bicycle thefts is a high number, but an increase in thefts is[Read More…]

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