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National Mall Gets Free Wireless Access

In an increasingly Internet-reliant world, the National Mall has jumped on the bandwagon by offering free Wi-Fi access to visitors. On Sept. 8, through a collaboration of federal, state and private institutions, D.C. residents began to enjoy wireless access in the city’s most renowned green space. The project began in[Read More…]

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Burglary Near Campus

An unknown suspect broke into a house on 3600 T St. early Thursday morning and stole jewelry, cash, a laptop and other personal items, according to a Public Safety Alert released Thursday evening. The house is not occupied by Georgetown students. The suspect entered through a window left open on[Read More…]

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Gray Wins Democratic Primary

In the culmination of a highly contested race to determine the next mayor of D.C., Council Chairman Vincent Gray defeated incumbent Mayor Adrian Fenty in the Democratic Primary on Tuesday, handily winning the majority of the District’s black vote. With almost 90 percent of the precincts tallied at 2:30 a.m.[Read More…]

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Georgetown Businesses See Decreased Revenue

Statistics show that business in the Georgetown area is down, with many stores closing and others turning significantly less profit. But while Georgetown is not immune to the recession, owners and retailers have hope that business will pick up with students’ return to campus. The Georgetown area had a net[Read More…]

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Gray Still Leads, Election Tuesday

Four days before the Democratic primary, which will likely determine D.C.’s next mayor, D.C. Council Chairman Vincent Gray maintains a sizable lead in the polls over incumbent Mayor Adrian Fenty. Gray’s lead, however, has lessened in the past weeks. A poll released by The Washington Post on Aug. 29 gave[Read More…]

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Potomac at its Cleanest in 60 Years, But Far From Pristine

Once deemed a national disgrace by President Lyndon Johnson, the Potomac River is showing signs of improvement after decades of trying to decontaminate the murky waters. A study released by the U.S. Geological Survey revealed that despite the Potomac’s still unsightly appearance, the water quality has improved enough for native[Read More…]

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D.C. Proposes Art District

Two weeks ago, Bradley Cooper admitted he rarely left the small area bounded by Reservoir Road and M Street – the “Georgetown bubble” – while he was a student. If the same is true of students of the Hilltop, city officials are looking for a change with the creation of[Read More…]

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Georgetown Real Estate

Housing in Georgetown is expensive: Current rates start at $175,000 for a studio apartment in Foxhall and reach $20 million for a mansion on Prospect Street. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it is selling well. “The market is decent,” said Darrell Parsons, the managing broker of the Georgetown office of[Read More…]

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Philly P’s Launches Bid to Reopen as Sandwich Shop

Georgetown students’ popular late night eatery, Philly Pizza & Grill, may be making a comeback in a different form. Over the summer, Philly Pizza’s owner Mehmet Kocak filed an application for a new certificate of occupancy with the D.C. Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs. The application is a request[Read More…]

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D.C., Maryland Awarded $325M in Race to the Top

With the Obama administration’s presentation of $325 million to the District of Columbia and Maryland last Tuesday, public schools in the area received a needed boost toward improvement that could set the tone of the upcoming D.C. mayoral and Virginia gubernatorial elections. Ten states won more than $3.3 billion combined[Read More…]

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