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OUT OF OFFICE: Packing the Essentials, Appreciating Life From Abroad

One of the most stressful parts of study abroad preparation in August was also one of the most routine: packing. I found it surprisingly overwhelming to look at all of my clothing, school supplies and knickknacks and decide what to leave behind for four months. How many pairs of shoes[Read More…]

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Sophia Nunn For The Hoya

Self-Expression Inspires Georgetown Fashion Trends

Red Square passersby are immediately struck by the wave of Georgetown students’ messages supporting or denouncing various causes scrawled across bricks and posted above their heads. Yet another, more subtle form of self-expression can be found by looking at the students themselves. A student’s wardrobe can reflect their background or[Read More…]

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Folger Shakespeare Library

‘King John’ Retains Relevance in Current Political Climate

The Folger Theatre put out another stellar production with its witty rendition of “King John,” one of Shakespeare’s lesser-known histories. Director Aaron Posner delves into the nuance of power, flawed leadership and commodity through the 13th-century play, which explores the delicate and wholly complicated nature of familial life. Over the[Read More…]

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Acacia Filmed Entertainment

‘A Private War’ Honors Inspirational Journalist

★★★★★ Following the story of war correspondent Marie Colvin, “A Private War” masterfully pushes viewers to not only consider the cost of war but also its harrowing effect on individuals. As Marie Colvin and British photographer and filmmaker Paul Conroy, Rosamund Pike and Jamie Dornan deliver heart-wrenching performances, rising to[Read More…]

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Olivia Simon

DIRECTOR’S CUT: Cooper Captivates With Raw Emotion in ‘A Star Is Born’

I’ve never been great with trends, so I was a little late to the craze surrounding “A Star Is Born.” While waiting meant that I got to take in Bradley Cooper’s (COL ’97) directorial debut outside the bulk of all the madness, the film had a massive reputation to live[Read More…]

Julia Usiak

MISS-TAKES: Seeing the Marge Simpson in All Our Mothers

“You’re about to learn the two most dangerous words in the English language are ‘Marge Simpson,’” Marge Simpson herself declared. Marge is more than her orange pearls, her green bodycon dress, her unmoving beehive of cotton-candy hair, her profuse apologies and her countless anxieties. She’s the antithesis of a stereotype[Read More…]

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Acacia Filmed Entertainment

‘A Private War’ Cast Illustrates Challenges in Authentically Conveying Legendary Journalist’s Legacy

Starring Rosamund Pike and Jamie Dornan, “A Private War” tells the story of celebrated and fearless journalist, Marie Colvin. Tracing her journey from reporting in Sri Lanka in 2001 right up to 2012 in Syria, the film portrays Colvin’s determination to give a voice to the voiceless in places of[Read More…]

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Gabriel Polsky Productions

‘In Search of Greatness’ Director Emphasizes Importance of Creativity in Athletics

Gabe Polsky sees the magic in sports, both right there in the stadium and hidden within the statistics. His new documentary, “In Search of Greatness,” takes a critical look at the creativity behind the actions of sports legends, and the ways that they follow or break the rules to achieve[Read More…]

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Keenan Samway/The Hoya

An Act of Resistance, Diamanté Fashion Show Celebrates Diversity and Defiance

Hums of anticipation turned to silence as a captivating vocal recording of 20th-century film star Charlie Chaplin boomed across the McDonough Arena the evening of Saturday, Nov. 10, as the Diamanté Fashion Show began. “To those who can hear me, I say — do not despair. The misery that is[Read More…]

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Psychedelic Rock Band Pond Mesmerizes Audience With Theatrical Dreamscape

“How will this epicenter of the world political climate cope when our touring circus, so ridiculous that surely there can be none alike, rolls into town?” Pond frontman Nick Allbrook wrote in a blog post as he flew into Washington, D.C., on the eve of the band’s second U.S. tour[Read More…]