A New Type of Jamming

A New Type of Jamming

The players roll out onto the track decked out in bright colors and full of excitement. They play roller derby, the fastest-growing contact sport for women, according to ESPN. They’re fierce competitors who must be speedy, strong and energetic in order to win. But the women who play this sport[Read More…]

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Courtesy of Claire Charamnac
BIG DREAMS | Naylor and Charamnac help provide young women in Kathmandu, Nepal, with opportunities in leadership and entrepreneurship through Women LEAD.

Women Lead With Big Dreams

Sometimes, a jolt of caffeine is all it takes to spark a great idea. At least that was true for Claire Naylor (SFS ’11) and Claire Charamnac (SFS ’11), who conceived their leadership development organization Women LEAD while studying for midterms over coffee from Uncommon Grounds during their junior year. Based on Naylor’s and Charamnac’s shared passion for promoting gender[Read More…]

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DJ Duo Emerges in Georgetown

DJ Duo Emerges in Georgetown

When asked what they look for in a song, their answer was immediate. “The beat,” Adam Fernandez (MSB ’12), also known by his stage name, Dank, said. Ratchet, or Von’Travis (VT) Crawford (NHS ’12) agreed, as if the words were looped over. The two Georgetown seniors, who met freshman year living on the[Read More…]

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