As Georgetown’s first online peer-to-peer support platform, Project Lighthouse aims to show stressed college students that any problem is worth talking about, regardless of what others may think. A year from its official launch in April 2016, the program has already supported more than 200 students in the Georgetown community.

Project Lighthouse: Peers Helping Peers

Georgetown’s first online peer-to-peer support service, Project Lighthouse has grown since it was founded last April. Created in partnership with Georgetown’s Counseling and Psychiatric Services, Health Education Services and the Office of the Assistant Vice President for Student Health, the initiative for the program was announced in January 2016. Director[Read More…]


Georgetown’s interest in the well-being and safety of its students has come to pervade every corner of campus — even the bathrooms. The Stall Seat Journal, a monthly newsletter featured in bathroom stalls across campus, has been an integral part of the social norms campaign at Georgetown since it was founded in 2006.

Stalling Unhealthy Habits from the Bathroom Stall

The university’s focus on the health and safety of students has become so widely promoted that the topic has carried over to the unlikeliest of places: the bathroom stall. Since 2006, as part of the social norms campaign at Georgetown University, the Stall Seat Journal initiative has increased dialogue about[Read More…]


On campus, when homesickness, social pressures and multiple assignments jeopardize students’ happiness, “mindfulness meditation” can restore a healthy balance.

Curbing College Stress

It is no secret that college is demanding. Homesickness, multiple assignments, work and social pressures make for an overbearing load. College students become extremely familiar with stress and its crippling effects. According to a study done by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, 80 percent of college students frequently[Read More…]


Dahlgren Chapel serves as a physical reminder for the Georgetown community of the Ignatian and Jesuit commitment to interreligious collaboration for spiritual harmony.

Campus Ministry On Spiritual Health

REV. BRYANT OSKVIG  “Spiritual well-being is the integration of experiences into a sense of self related to meaning and purpose in relation to others and the world. Our religious traditions give us a rich symbol system, a language and methods to examine and develop this integration. Such integration is not[Read More…]


24 Hours in Mexico City

Mexico City’s layered history, massive population and undeniable charm come together to create a dynamic, fascinating spot for travelers. Its world-class museums, incredible gastronomy and colorful neighborhoods could keep you busy for months, but just a day in Mexico City is enough to give visitors a peek into a vibrant,[Read More…]

Daring To Find a Date at Yates

Daring To Find a Date at Yates

No matter where Amanda Bynes is in her life, I will always remember her as Viola/Sebastian Hastings in the 2006 cult classic “She’s the Man.” In one scene, Olivia Lennox walks up to Duke Orsino on the bench press and whips out this casual cool line: “How many reps could[Read More…]

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Movie Review: ‘She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry’

Movie Review: ‘She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry’

★★★★☆ As the opening credits flicked by, the screen suddenly went black and moments later white words appear: “There are still states that restrict a woman’s right to choose. A right that women won over 40 years ago.”  The very first scene of the documentary “She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry”[Read More…]

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Movie Review: ‘Wild Tales’

Movie Review: ‘Wild Tales’

★★★★☆ The foreign film “Wild Tales” certainly lives up to its name. Technically, it is a collection of six short films that all share the common theme of vengeance and violence.  Directed by the Argentinian director Damian Szifron, the movie was nominated for an Oscar in the Best Foreign Film[Read More…]

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From left: Kevin Carter (SFS ’16), Randy Puno (COL ’16) and chair Cheryl Lau (SFS ’16).

Conference Discusses the Unconventional

In the rush of Georgetown life, it is easy to get too focused on the destination rather than the experience of the journey. Tomorrow, Georgetown will be hosting a TEDx conference, which is “a platform for ideas worth spreading.” This conference seeks to help students explore other people’s inspirational journeys[Read More…]

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Joe Luther (Col ’16) and several other dedicated members of the Heckler are gearing up for a strong year of student-produced satire. With a strong leader at the helm and many new hires, the future loos bright.

Campus Spoof Revived

When asked to describe the Georgetown Heckler in three words, Editor-in-Chief Joe Luther (COL ’16) chose “poignant, honest and hilarious,” which could just as easily describe his own personality. Although the Heckler’s campus presence has lain dormant over the past few years, Luther is sure that is about to change.[Read More…]

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