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Finding Novel Procrastination in Prose

Now that midterms have officially hit and I’ve become swamped with papers and studying, I’ve decided it’s the perfect time to take up a new hobby: procrastination. I’ve finally been catching up on “The Mindy Project” and “New Girl” (Ferguson is easily the highlight of this season so far), and[Read More…]

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Taking on DC’s Restaurants the Wheat-Free Way

Last weekend was the one that I’ve been looking forward to almost all semester: Parents’ Weekend. Personally, I love when my family makes the yearly trip down to Georgetown to visit me. It’s a mini vacation for them and a whole lot of shopping and eating for me. Last year,[Read More…]

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Not-So-Dirty Dancing All the Way Home

As my senior year continues, I can’t imagine being anywhere other than Georgetown. I adore my friends, the beautiful neighborhood, the stimulating conversation, my Sweetgreen salads and my ability to sleep in whenever I want. Realizing that in the next few months I’ll be leaving this idyllic setting, I’ve been reluctant to[Read More…]

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Mind Control: Making Science Fiction a Reality

Consumer technology has seen incredible improvement and innovation in recent decades. From room-sized computers capable of only simple tasks to a smartphone in every pocket, the true scope of technological progress can be difficult to comprehend fully. Throughout its entire history, however, technology has been characterized by a firm separation[Read More…]

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A Barista’s Guide to the Best Beans and Brew

The leaves are starting to turn gold and crimson, the morning air is crisp and the sky seems just a little bluer. Fall demands a switch in wardrobes and more importantly, a switch in go-to beverages. Drinking a cappuccino might seem crazy when it’s swelteringly hot, but that’s about to[Read More…]

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Disaster Movies Sell Out a Serious Situation

Imagine this scene: There’s a large, booming explosion and glass shatters. The people scatter; confusion is rampant. What’s happening and who’s doing it are questions that won’t be answered for days or weeks to come. That’s the scenario in many blockbuster movies. The Joker attacks Gotham. Loki demolishes Manhattan with[Read More…]

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Learning to Adapt to a Wheatless World

As an adopted child raised in a predominantly Italian household — my mother is fully Italian and my father is half Italian, half Chinese — I grew up surrounded by loudness, heavy accents, hand gestures, cheek kissing and, most importantly, food. The Italians rewrite the food pyramid. Complex carbohydrates come[Read More…]

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Björk’s Own Brand of Quirky Genius

Last year, I had one of the best experiences of my life at Bonnaroo. Being able to see some of my favorite bands, bands that I had idolized and obsessed over for years, was truly mind-blowing. On Tuesday, this summer’s Bonnaroo lineup was announced, and I tracked it closely. As[Read More…]

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The Bread Paradox

Recently, there came a troubling point in my relationship with sandwiches when I began to wonder exactly what counts as a sandwich. Seeking clarity, I looked up definitions of the sandwich in the Oxford English Dictionary, Urban Dictionary and The New York Times and received a range of answers from[Read More…]

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A Sandwich Renaissance

For one-sixth of my life, I wore big metallic braces. From freshman year until long after I graduated from high school, the metal in my mouth fiercely dictated what I could eat. On Aug. 3, 2012, mere weeks before I came to Georgetown, my orthodontist pried that hideous metal out[Read More…]

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