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Charli XCX combined a magnetic stage presence with a strong, feminist message at the 9:30 Club concert.

Concert Review: ‘Charli XCX’

★★★★☆ With a “Boom Clap,” Charli XCX has recently thundered into the top-50 pop charts. From this summer’s mega-hit “Fancy” to her contribution to Icona Pop’s feisty “I Love It,” the 22-year-old singer has influenced the current direction of pop music. Yet Charli XCX deserves recognition not just as a[Read More…]

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The backstory of Annabelle, a porcelain doll who made her first appearance in "The Conjuring," is revealed in this horror film prequel.

Movie Review: ‘Annabelle’

★★★☆☆ Positioned as both a prequel and a spinoff of the 2013 horror movie “The Conjuring,” “Annabelle” had high expectations to live up to. The movie focuses on the haunting of a very creepy–looking porcelain doll, which in reality played a small and generally insignificant part in “The Conjuring.” With the[Read More…]

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Tove Lo’s debut album explores powerful themes of love and loss.

Album Review: ‘Tove Lo’

★★★☆☆ Tove Lo may have began her career writing songs for other artists, but her debut album, “Queen of the Clouds,” has finally thrust the Swedish singer out from behind the curtains and onto center stage. With Tove Lo’s smooth voice and honest, clever ideas, the 26-year-old’s first album is[Read More…]

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Peter Stormare plays Berlin, the mysterious nemesis of Reddington on the season two premiere of "The Blacklist."

Television Review: ‘The Blacklist’

★★★★☆ Explosions and hellfire open the second season of “The Blacklist,” which seems appropriate given how action-packed the plot has become. “The Blacklist” follows Raymond “Red” Reddington, the FBI’s most wanted man, who now works with Elizabeth Keen and a special FBI taskforce to fight against “blacklist” villains, criminals who[Read More…]

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Sarah Silverman presents straightforward, unexpected comedy that manages to incite laughter in her new album "We Are Miracles."

Album Review: ‘We Are Miracles’

★★★☆☆ Never before have I seen so many lewd words scribbled across my notepad as when I finished reviewing Sarah Silverman’s recently released comedy album, “We Are Miracles.” In this album, the audio track from her 2014 HBO stand-up special of the same name, Silverman is not afraid to confront[Read More…]

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Album Review: ‘No Sound Without Silence’

The Script’s “No Sound Without Silence” album touches upon love, heartbreak, struggles and living life to its fullest. How does this differ from the band’s previous albums? It doesn’t. The Script’s newest album proves to be very characteristic of its sound; if you are a regular listener of the Irish[Read More…]

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Donal Logue and Ben McKenzie star as Harvey Bullock and James Gordon in FOX's latest show.

Television Review: ‘Gotham’

★★★★☆  While the first episode of Fox’s Gotham may not have been spectacular, it showed glimpses of a great show in the making. The series is based on Bruce Wayne’s fictional home city, but before he becomes Batman, and while future police chief James Gordon is just a rookie detective.[Read More…]

Denzel Washington plays vigilante Robert McCall, who fights Russian mobsters in this action-packed thriller.

Movie Review: ‘The Equalizer’

★★★★☆ It’s all in the details, and that’s where “The Equalizer” gets it right. Aside from being an entertaining popcorn-eating action flick, the film takes a slightly more intellectual approach to the well-known “retired agent comes back to action” plot. Director Antoine Fuqua sets the bar high, opening with a[Read More…]

U2's latest album has a uniform alternative rock sound and is free until Oct. 13.

Album Review: ‘Songs of Innocence’

★★★☆☆ It was a mysterious occurrence: Suddenly, while viewing your iTunes library, you noticed that Irish rock band U2’s latest album, “Songs of Innocence,” was automatically added to your queue of songs despite not having purchased it. However, this was not U2 hijacking the iCloud or your phone stealing music[Read More…]

Niykee Heaton's new EP showcases her vocal flexibility and diverse music style.

Album Review: ‘Bad Intentions’

★★★★☆ Niykee Heaton, a 19-year-old singer-songwriter based in Chicago, first grabbed attention after posting an acoustic cover of Chief Keef’s “Love Sosa” on YouTube in 2012, eventually signing with Steve Rifkind and Russell Simmons’ All Def Music. Soft and sultry with a hint of gravel, Heaton’s voice remains hypnotic throughout[Read More…]