Student Movement Promotes Self-Reflection

Student Movement Promotes Self-Reflection

As founder of the Treehouse Project, Oliver Friedfeld (COL ’15) is trying to help students at Georgetown understand that professional, teleological and educational concerns must still be in balance with development of self. Leading the charge for students’ self-reflection, Friedfeld discusses his countercultural movement. So why is it called the[Read More…]

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A Budding Movement

A Budding Movement

The headline, although tucked deep within the Oct. 1, 1936 edition of The Washington Post, blared with the frantic, sensationalist urgency of a piece reporting on the apocalypse. “STUDENTS STAGE ORGIES INDUCED BY MARIHUANA; DISTRICT AND U.S. POWERLESS TO SUPPRESS WEED” Although nearly every state government had passed laws harshly[Read More…]

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Fashion With a Conscience

As a freshman, Jacob Maxmin’s (COL ’17) goal was to fill a void that he noticed in the Georgetown culture. Maxmin, now a sophomore, is the founder and CEO of Wearable Justice, a non-profit organization that is seeing great success in its second semester on campus. Wearable Justice is a[Read More…]

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Work is under way for the set of Nomadic Theatre’s production of “boom,” which will open in Walsh Black Box Theatre on Oct. 30. The play is  being produced by Suzanne Coles (COL ’17) and has been put together by the hard work and dedication of a student production team.

Behind the Scenes

As we finally settle into fall, Georgetown’s campus theater season has launched into full swing. Productions by the Mask and Bauble Dramatic Society and Black Theatre Ensemble have already graced the various stages, making it clear that campus is brimming with on-stage talent. Yet it is easy to forget that[Read More…]

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The Social Media Takeover

“I’m heading straight to the library, but I can totally Facebook you later if you want,” Neha Shah (COL ’17) said. This was the response to an interview request for an article on social media and their effect on campus social life — one that made clear how second-nature all[Read More…]

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Kathleen Hill (SFS ’15), Peter Fanone (COL ’15), Josh Street (COL ’15) and Tim Lyons (COL ’15) in a heatec courtroom scene in Mask & Bauble’s “Inherit the Wind.”

Drama in the Courtroom

Can a cast of college students breathe new life into an old play? Definitely. The Mask & Bauble Dramatic Society proves this point with Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee’s play “Inherit the Wind,” opening this week on Thursday. Written in the 1950s, the play is a fictional recreation of[Read More…]

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Satirizing Prejudice

Satirizing Prejudice

“Dear White People” is a skillfully done satirical film that sheds light on the experience of the African-American in a predominately white institution, while simultaneously dealing with the age-old phenomenon of the identity crisis. Justin Simien, winner of the U. S. Dramatic Special Jury Award for Breakthrough Talent at the[Read More…]

Lena Dunham’s memoir “Not That Kind of Girl” deals with issues of self-image and learning to accept yourself. The autobiography explores her personal struggles and what it took for her to find inner happiness.

Dunham Shares Struggles

“I am 20 years old and I hate myself.” And with that, “Not That Kind of Girl” throws us into the whirlwind that is the life of Lena Dunham. Humorous, heartwarming and heartbreaking, this memoir offers up a tale of a young woman and her very real, human experiences on[Read More…]

Nancy Hinojos (MSB ’15) holds many campus positions, including being resident director of the Black House.

Senior Discusses Importance of Black House on Campus

Nancy Hinojos (MSB ’15) keeps herself very busy. She is a dancer in Groove Theory; she sits on the board of the Georgetown Aspiring Minority Business Leaders & Entrepreneurs; she is on the SFS Academic Council; and she is a Patrick Healy Fellow through the Center for Multicultural Equity &[Read More…]

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Walter Kelly (COL '16) uses his experience with spoken word performance to bring the video's message to life.

Film Asks ‘Am I Next?’

In the days following the 2012 shooting of Trayvon Martin, LaDarius Torrey (COL ’17) was told by his father, “Honestly, in America, you don’t have to do much besides being a black man to be accused of some horrendous crime, or actually be shot and then portrayed as a criminal.”[Read More…]

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