Although its past plays have risked criticism and censorship, Ajoka Theatre remains a popular cultural outlet in its home country, Pakistan.

Humor is Universal

  From a cartoonist’s pencil to a playwright’s pen, satire can be wielded as a potent weapon against malignant forces, such as ignorance or extremism. “Amrika Chalo,” running this weekend as part of the Laboratory for Global Performance and Politics’ Myriad Voices festival, aims to tackle both these oppressive elements,[Read More…]

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Play Dramatizes Everyday Fear and Mental Illness

Nomadic Theatre starts off the semester by continuing to explore hidden, yet gifted pieces. In its newest production “Sick,” a dark comedy written by the emerging playwright Zayd Dohrn, everyone is ill and troubled by individual problems that lurk beneath their ordinary household life. Directed by Gregory Keiser (COL ’16),[Read More…]


Outdoor Lights Show Shines with Holiday Spirit

This year initiates the first exhibition of Georgetown GLOW. Sponsored by the Georgetown Business Improvement District, this project promises to become an annual tradition. The outdoor display boasts seven very unique pieces as well as additional projections that explore the artistic effects of light. The pieces are sprawled throughout the[Read More…]

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Courtesy Nasser Kalaji
Kim Bodnia as the interrogator and Gael García Bernal as Maziar Bahari in Jon Stewart’s directorial debut “Rosewater” about Bahari’s experience.

Targeting the Truth

Last Sunday, Iranian-Canadian journalist Maziar Bahari came to Georgetown with Jon Stewart to screen the latter’s directorial debut “Rosewater,” a drama based on Bahari’s experiences of interrogation and incarceration in Iran. His father and sister were both arrested for their political views, and at first Bahari distanced his work from[Read More…]

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In Mask & Bauble’s new production “Sonder,” normal students look beyond their projected selves to discover the true source of their identity.

Play Peels Back the Mask

The newest production from Mask & Bauble Dramatic Society, the 35-minute one-act play entitled “Sonder,” is an experience rather than a show, a haunting portrayal of the reality of our own lives and our existence in relation to each other. Written by Claytia Gonsalves (SFS ’15) and director Marlene Cox[Read More…]

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19th century Venice is brought to life in the artistic works of James McNeill Whistler. Applying a complex variety of patterns and strokes, his original prints reveal a city of days gone by whose haunting beauty is found in the everyday activities of its citizens.

Venice Past Printed

James McNeill Whistler’s Peacock Room at the Freer Gallery of Art may be his most famous and lauded work, but his lesser-known prints of Venice have recently been put on display and represent a different facet of his artistic talent. The twenty-six prints were originally purchased in 1887 by Charles[Read More…]

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Book Review: ‘Please Kill Me’

Book Review: ‘Please Kill Me’

★★★★☆ To say that the punk movement is hard to describe would be quite an understatement. On its surface, punk style is quickly associated with generational angst, a multitude of piercings, and spiked hair or dyed mohawks. Yet when one looks beyond this stereotype at the differing scenes and variety[Read More…]

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Stefanie Palencia (COL ’15) stretches out during dance rehearsal for Black Movements Dance Theatre’s fall concert, Paradigm.

Medley of Movement Reflects Change

Next weekend, Georgetown University’s Walsh Black Box Theatre will host the Black Movements Dance Theatre fall concert, Paradigm. The night goes beyond your typical dance recital with an assortment of distinctive, drama-filled stories. The performance styles include contemporary, tap, jazz, ballet and African dance, and the group takes entertainment to[Read More…]

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Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne play Jane and Stephen Hawking in the new movie “The Theory of Everything.” Redmayne spoke in an interview of the couple’s complex relationship and how the two changed over time in response to Stephen’s growing illness and career.

Film Bursts With Life

With the rise of the controversial ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and the university’s debated policies concerning disabled students, “The Theory of Everything” comes just in time to take part in these ongoing conversations. Based on his first wife Jane Hawking’s 2004 memoir, the movie chronicles the overlapping personal and professional[Read More…]

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Amy Poehler’s humor shines through in her new book “Yes Please.” The memoir explores her rise to fame and the problems that she faced along the way, revealing a more relatable side of the “Saturday Night Live” star.

Book Review: ‘Yes Please’

“‘Yes Please’ is an attempt to present an open scrapbook that includes a sense of what I am thinking and feeling right now. But mostly, let’s call this book what it really is: an obvious money grab to support my notorious online shopping addiction. I have already spent the advance[Read More…]

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