The Asian American Student Association has started up a project called “Exposure: Redefined” with which they hope to reveal the diverse personalities of Georgetown’s Asian American community. The project is an impressive attempt to deconstruct generalizations.

Breaking the Mold

Exposure:  Redefined, a social media project started in January 2015 by the Asian American Student Association of Georgetown, aims to feature and empower Asian American students on campus in a “Humans of New York”-style photo project. According to its Tumblr page, “Exposure:  Redefined is a photo project aimed at featuring[Read More…]

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From left: Liam Foskett (SFS ’18), Eric Chen (SFS ’18), Mollie Coyle  (COL ’17), Andrew Frank (COL ’17), Arjun Gupta (COL ’17), Mara Goby (COL ’16) and Tithi Patel (SFS ’18).

Students Create Fundraisers for Local Nonprofits

Georgetown organization founder Arjun Gupta (COL ’17) and member James McLoughlin (MSB ’17) open up about ‘Fundraisr,’ which provides pro bono services to non-profits in Washington D.C. Both Gupta and McLoughlin share a passion for social justice issues and have been working on Fundraisr since the fall semester in the hopes of[Read More…]

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Klemm displays German history in her intriguing “Light and Dark” display.

Historical Germany Unites in Photos

Pictures in the newspaper every day serve as useful additions to the articles featured next to them. However, when saved over the course of several decades, such pictures can collectively provide a documentation of history as it occurred. The Goethe-Institut’s latest featured exhibit, “Light and Dark,” does just that. It[Read More…]

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Members of GRLA posed with Chanel President and COO John Galantic when he spoke in Gaston Hall last January.

Students Plan NY Summit

On Thursday, Jan. 29, the Georgetown Retail and Luxury Association will team up with Georgetown Women in Leadership to cosponsor the first-ever Global Luxury Summit at the Time Warner Center in New York City. The summit brings together CEOs and chairmen from top retail and luxury companies like Tom Ford[Read More…]

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Mesbah Uddin (SFS ’15) has been pursuing a new filmmaking project titled “11:59.”

SFS Student Begins Filmmaking Journey

Georgetown student and filmmaker Mesbah Uddin (SFS ’15) discusses his new film “11:59.” Uddin dissects his process and the ways in which his style has changed since his first production titled “Freshman Again.” He is excited to share his thoughts on his work and the future. If you didn’t have[Read More…]

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The exhibit is rather text-heavy and fails to portray the battle in an interesting manner. The controversies between the inhabitants and the American Indian people are described in great detail, but do not provide the most entertaining experience.

Brutality in History

The National Museum of the American Indian’s newest feature is a travelling exhibit called “Commemorating Controversy:  The Dakota-U.S. War of 1862.” The exhibition, created by students at Gustavus Adolphus College, provides an insight to this largely ignored part of American history. The exhibition opened last week (Jan. 14) and will[Read More…]

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Although its past plays have risked criticism and censorship, Ajoka Theatre remains a popular cultural outlet in its home country, Pakistan.

Humor is Universal

  From a cartoonist’s pencil to a playwright’s pen, satire can be wielded as a potent weapon against malignant forces, such as ignorance or extremism. “Amrika Chalo,” running this weekend as part of the Laboratory for Global Performance and Politics’ Myriad Voices festival, aims to tackle both these oppressive elements,[Read More…]

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Play Dramatizes Everyday Fear and Mental Illness

Nomadic Theatre starts off the semester by continuing to explore hidden, yet gifted pieces. In its newest production “Sick,” a dark comedy written by the emerging playwright Zayd Dohrn, everyone is ill and troubled by individual problems that lurk beneath their ordinary household life. Directed by Gregory Keiser (COL ’16),[Read More…]


Outdoor Lights Show Shines with Holiday Spirit

This year initiates the first exhibition of Georgetown GLOW. Sponsored by the Georgetown Business Improvement District, this project promises to become an annual tradition. The outdoor display boasts seven very unique pieces as well as additional projections that explore the artistic effects of light. The pieces are sprawled throughout the[Read More…]

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Courtesy Nasser Kalaji
Kim Bodnia as the interrogator and Gael García Bernal as Maziar Bahari in Jon Stewart’s directorial debut “Rosewater” about Bahari’s experience.

Targeting the Truth

Last Sunday, Iranian-Canadian journalist Maziar Bahari came to Georgetown with Jon Stewart to screen the latter’s directorial debut “Rosewater,” a drama based on Bahari’s experiences of interrogation and incarceration in Iran. His father and sister were both arrested for their political views, and at first Bahari distanced his work from[Read More…]

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