The HOYA has it dead wrong in the recent article on the Carroll Fellows Initiative (“Carroll Fellows Interest Drops,” THE HOYA, Oct. 30, 2007, A1). Contrary to how the article makes it seem, the CFI isn’t just for academics in training. The program’s multi-faceted leadership training is important regardless of one’s line of work, or whether one is headed to the trading pit or the Ivory Tower.

The real reason freshmen often drop isn’t the one cited by some of the students in the article, but rather is the CFI’s drill sergeant of a leader, John Glavin (C ’64). Sure, he can be a bit tough, but whereas most professors will offer you hand-holding as a freshman, Glavin tosses you in the deep end of the pool – the program includes a one-credit, pass/fail course with rigorous standards and a heavier workload than most full classes. Hard work without instant gratification will always turn some people off, but that’s their loss.

The CFI is in the business of building better students – more disciplined, more experienced, more persuasive – and those who stick with it reap the benefits.

Joe McReynolds (SFS ’08)

Nov. 1, 2007

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