The horn had sounded, the student sections had emptied onto the court and pandemonium had officially struck the Georgetown University community.

In the aftermath of the Hoyas’ 87-84 victory over the then-first ranked Duke Blue Devils on Saturday afternoon, Georgetown students didn’t have a care in the world. There were no tests to be taken, no homework to be done, no classes to be attended. There was only one idea in every Hoya’s mind: celebration.

Those fans that couldn’t wait to get back to campus to begin celebrating the victory made their way to the restaurants and bars surrounding MCI Center immediately following the game. A Clyde’s restaurant next door to the arena provided immediate gratification, while Fado, an Irish pub and restaurant located one block away, quickly filled with students and alumni alike.

“Right after the game, we wanted to go to Fado right by the MCI Center,” Ashley Duelks (COL ’07) said. “But when we got there, there was a huge line, down the street and around the corner, and the place was filled with [Georgetown] students and alumni.”

Other students rode university-provided shuttles back to campus and wasted no time before beginning the night’s festivities.

“When we got back to the dorm, we basically all went wild,” Owen Joyce (MSB ’09) said. “Kids were pouring beers on each other in the hallways and popping champagne bottles in the common room. It was great.”

As the evening turned to night, parties began to spring up, both on campus and in the surrounding Georgetown area. Alumni Square, Village A and Henle Village were flooded with people throughout the night as students celebrated the Hoyas’ upset victory.

“The best part about it was that there were so many people around that you could walk through campus with open beers and nothing would happen,” George Foulard (NHS ’09) said.

The Henle Village courtyard proved to be a popular site for some members of the Georgetown men’s basketball team.

“[Jeff] Green, [Roy] Hibbert, [Jonathan] Wallace, some of the other players, they were all at Henle,” Chris Svoboda (MSB ’09) said. “Everyone was going up to them and congratulating them and offering them drinks. I didn’t see any of them actually accepting the beers, or drinking at all for that matter.”

Having abstained from consuming alcohol during the season, many of the night’s heroes seemed content to merely bask in the glory of the celebration they had created.

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