During New Student Orientation, you might have found yourself caught in a mass of new students and NSO staff members chanting, “Show us how you NSO! Show us how you NSO!” They are asking to see your best dance moves, but how I “NSO” is only partly about sweet grooves. During NSO, I am my best self both because it is being asked of me and because I ask it of myself. For those 10 days, I am a charismatic leader, a team player, a mascot, a caregiver, a friend. It makes me feel like I am part of greater Georgetown.

Even better than what NSO does for me personally is being part of a team, a team committed to fostering a Georgetown that is excited, accepting, enthusiastic, open, encouraging, friendly and engaged. In the teamwork lies the fun and the goofiness of NSO. We are only as successful in accomplishing our goal, the monumental task of integrating a new class of students into our school, as we are united.

The best part of all is that NSO lets us fully live for something greater than ourselves, if just for a few short days. NSO is about the new students, after all. That’s why I do it. That’s why everyone on staff does it. In the end, NSO is as simple and as vital as making one member of our shared community feel seen and important.

So during the school year even though I won’t be wearing my NSO shirt or my name tag, if you ask me to “show you how I Georgetown,” I will show you that I Georgetown just like I NSO.

–Maria Edmundson

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