The Georgetown University Lecture Fund exists to provide a forum for the free exchange of speech and expression. We are a non-partisan organization dedicated to promoting dialogue and to bringing the Georgetown community together in an atmosphere of discussion to better contemplate contemporary social, political and cultural issues.

Lecture Fund events cover a variety of topics and host a multitude of personalities. Every event is free of charge, open to the entire campus community and includes a period of Q-and-A.

Our Associate Board members are responsible for organizing all stages of each event. The process includes reaching out to potential speakers, agents or speakers’ bureaus, negotiating details including timing, honorariums and other fees, booking transportation and hotel accommodations, seeking co-sponsors within the university, reaching out to campus media, producing fliers and posters, organizing day-of logistics and presenting the speaker. Organizing an event can take anywhere from two weeks to six months. An Associate Board member or a representative from a co-sponsoring student group presents each event at the Lecture Fund’s weekly meeting and must win a majority vote for financial or marketing assistance.

The Lecture Fund alternates between hosting large events, usually at the beginning and conclusion of each semester, and smaller niche events that cater to specific student groups and interests. The Lecture Fund also assists with events coordinated through the Office of the President, including heads of state and other noteworthy figures. In recent years, the Lecture Fund has welcomed Bradley Cooper, Sergei Khrushchev, Karl Rove, Melissa Anelli, Michael Bloomberg, Jane Goodall and then-Senator Barack Obama. Our most recent speaker will be noted documentary filmmaker Michael Moore, who will give a lecture today at 3 p.m. in Gaston Hall.

— Onni Irish

Vice Chair of External Affairs

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