The Campus Kitchens Project, a national hunger relief program, served its 1 millionth meal on Thursday.

The project, which was established in 2001 by its parent organization D.C. Central Kitchen, serves meals to the hungry in 20 cities. D.C. Central Kitchen currently acts as the Campus Kitchen Project’s central location.

“Campus Kitchens Project is a nonprofit organization run mostly by college students, and CKP is the only organization of its kind run by students on college campuses,” D.C. Central Kitchen Chief Development Officer Brian MacNair said.

“The students are responsible for creative programming, such as community gardens, new food donation partners, creative services, nutrition classes for kids, et cetera,” MacNair said.

Sam Kass, White House assistant chef and food initiatives coordinator, along with volunteers from all 20 branches of the Campus Kitchens Project, were present for the preparation of the 1 millionth meal.

The organization’s food for all of its meals comes primarily from campus dining services, with some of it also coming from community donations.

“The Campus Kitchens Project partners with high schools, colleges and universities to share on-campus kitchen space, recover unused food from cafeterias, work with local farms for produce and engage students as volunteers who plan menus, prepare and deliver meals to the community,” a Campus Kitchens Project press release said.

acNair also said Georgetown does not currently have its own Campus Kitchens Project but many students frequently volunteer at the D.C. Central Kitchen.

There are plans to expand the program to several other cities across the country. MacNair said the program would like to expand to New Orleans, Boston, New York City and Detroit.

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