Campus Groups Launch Green Initiatives

MICHELLE XU/THE HOYA Campus organizations, including The Corp, launched various efforts to engage students in campus environmental initiatives.

Campus organizations, including The Corp, launched various efforts to engage students in campus environmental initiatives.

In honor of Earth Day last Friday, several offices and student organizations, including Students of Georgetown, Inc. and the Office of Sustainability launched various environmental initiatives, such as the addition of four solar-powered outdoor chargers throughout campus.

In addition, The Corp also launched the Corp Sustainability Committee and a composting program at The Hilltoss, while the Georgetown University Student Association will host the second Annual Georgetown Day Cup on Saturday, where students compete to collect and dispose of the greatest number of red solo cups and aluminum cans.

The solar chargers were a joint effort with University Information Services, Planning and Facilities Management and the Georgetown Energy and Environmental Network. One of the panels is currently situated at the new bus turnaround near McDonough Arena.

The Coca Cola Company sponsored three of the chargers, while University Information Services sponsored the fourth.

Jessica Lee (SFS ’16), an intern in the Office of Sustainability, said she is hopeful this initiative will help students to become more aware of their individual impacts on the environment.

“It creates a new mindset about energy,” Lee said. “I hope that people will be able to learn from the solar charging stations and apply that new knowledge to other parts of their life as well.”

Formerly known as the Corp Green Team, the CSC aims to evaluate and advance The Corp’s sustainability and environmental awareness concerning the operations of its storefronts and products.

The result of a partnership with the Office of Sustainability, the CSC is headed by Katie Harper (SFS ’17) and will include both members of The Corp and the larger Georgetown community, with applications closing April 28.

According to Chief Operations Officer of The Corp Alex Donovan (SFS ’17), The Corp’s upper management began to explore options for composting last year. Donovan worked closely with

Director of The Hilltoss John Dodderidge (COL ’17) to establish a partnership with EnviRelations, a suitable composting vendor. The monthly composting charge is supplied by The Corp’s own funds.

Donovan said, while she is excited about The Corp’s progress, there is still room for improvement in improving sustainability at Georgetown.

“Georgetown needs to increase its focus on sustainability, and I think the best way to boost that focus is through student-led initiative and projects,” Donovan wrote in an email to The Hoya.

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