Campus crime increased 57 percent between August and September this year, with theft, which more than doubled between the two months, accounting for over half the incidents.

Theft shot up from 14 cases in August of this year to 29 cases in September. The frequency of theft also increased 26 percent from September 2011, when 23 incidents were reported.

However, overall crime declined when compared with the same month last year — 44 total incidents were reported this September, compared with 47 incidents reported in September 2011.

According to Jay Gruber, the university’s chief of police and director of the Department of Public Safety, theft continues to be a pressing problem for the Georgetown community.

“This is an area [where] the Department of Public Safety needs that assistance [from] our … community,” he said. “Many … enjoy being in ‘The Georgetown Bubble’ but they fail to realize that this bubble exists in the middle of a major metropolitan area. Areas all around us experience crime and we here at Georgetown are not immune.”

Gruber urged students to take steps to prevent theft, including locking doors, not leaving personal property unattended and being aware of surroundings at all times.

After theft, the most commonly reported incidents were alcohol violations and assaults. Four cases of each type of incident were reported in September, while three assaults and no alcohol violations occurred in August.

Gruber also urged students to take precautions against assault and robbery when walking at night.

“Walking alone at night with earbuds in your ears is a recipe for being a victim of crime,” Gruber said.

The only crime rate that decreased last month was unlawful entry, of which five incidents occurred in August and one in September.

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