CAC Encourages Clubs To Appoint Service Chairs

By Molly Longstreth Hoya Staff Writer

The Community Action Coalition announced Monday night that it would send a letter today to all Georgetown student organizations challenging them each to appoint or elect a Community Service Chair by the end of the month. The initiative represents an effort to get more of Georgetown’s on-campus organizations involved in community service.

CAC is proposing the new initiative, called the Service Chair Challenge, to “all student-run groups not affiliated with the Volunteer and Public Service Center,” according to a press release.

The Community Service Chairs, for those organizations that accept the challenge, will meet with members of the CAC to organize service activities specifically related to their particular clubs and the members’ talents and interests. CAC Vice Chair Justin Berg (SFS ’02) will coordinate those efforts, the press release said.

“We’re trying to really build off people’s strengths and talents,” said Jaremey McMullin (COL ’99), the Chair of the Community Action Coalition. “We plan on following this through with very concrete suggestions for each group, and we think that once people understand how it can benefit themselves and the members of the committee, they will really want to get involved.”

The letter, signed by McMullin, encourages clubs to take the challenge on the grounds that it allows students the opportunity to make an impact on their community and it can be an excellent team building activity.

VPS office frequently receives requests for undergraduate volunteers that go unanswered, according to the letter. “Through the coordination of efforts of a Community Service Chair, we will be able to better meet the needs of our community,” it says.

The letter also states that service is an effective way to relieve stress and exhaustion through positive experiences.

CAC will discuss the plan at its general meeting tonight at 9 p.m. in the Leavey Program Room, according to the release.

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