Local authorities have ruled that George Washington University cannot complete its proposed Campus Plan to expand unless it makes provisions to house more of its undergraduate student population on campus.

The Board of Zoning Adjustment voted 3-1 earlier this month to amend George Washington’s 10-year campus plan to preclude the university from increasing enrollment and constructing and renovating new buildings until it houses 70 percent of its undergraduates.

Last year, the BZA approved Georgetown’s 10-year plan, which includes an enrollment increase, as well as construction of several new buildings.

Under the BZA ruling, George Washington must cap its undergraduate enrollment at 7,380, which is 200 more than are currently enrolled.

The decision, which was supported by Foggy Bottom residents’ groups including the Foggy Bottom Association and the Federation of Citizens’ Associations of the District of Columbia, means that George Washington must provide more on-campus housing for its undergraduate students before it can expand enrollment or build additional buildings.

The FCADC said that the BZA, by limiting George Washington’s growth “finally, initiated responsible regulation of aggressive university expansion in the District,” according to its Web site.

The association also described the George Washington campus plan as an “ever-increasing aspect of GWU’s campus sprawl and negative community impact.”

The proposed plan would add 1,350 beds on campus with the aim of reaching the BZA demand 70 percent full-time undergraduate students on campus within five years.

George Washington’s 10-year plan includes a new Health and Wellness Center, School of Media and Public Affairs, an expansion of the George Washington Law School, renovation of Marvin Hall, George Washington’s student center, a new dormitory and parking garage complex.

George Washington University President Steven Joel Trachtenberg criticized the BZA decision as “abusive regulation” in an interview with The Washington Post earlier this month.

Representatives of the George Washington Office of Media Relations did not return phone calls placed yesterday.

George Washington currently has 7,091 undergraduate students, according to its Web site, and houses more than 50 percent of them on campus.

Georgetown houses the highest percentage of its undergraduates on campus among district universities, approximately 77 percent. University President-elect John J. DeGioia said last week that he would like that figure to reach 90 percent during his tenure.

Georgetown’s 10-Year Plan was partially approved by the BZA following a 4-1 vote that allowed the university to proceed with its building plans but deferred a decision on whether to allow Georgetown to increase enrollment. Included in Georgetown’s 10-year plan are the Southwest Quadrangle Project, renovations to St. Mary’s Hall and McDonough Gymnasium, a graduate business center and the conversion of the Ryan Administration Building into the MBNA Performing Arts Center.

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