With a great selection of theater songs both Friday and Saturday night, The Broadway Arts and Music Festival promises to light up the stage — and your night.

BAMF! is one of those events you will go to and say afterwards, “That’s so Georgetown.” Not only does it engage themes that are related to the Georgetown community, it is all student-run and originally created by students, involved with community outreach and will also rock your world.

A theater revue relatively new to campus, BAMF! was started just last year. Through Compass Partners, Kate Taylor (SFS ’11) and Meghan McCormick (MSB ’11) created Genesius Productions, a student-run company devoted to giving back to arts education in D.C. The duo’s brainchild, BAMF!, not only puts on a great show, but also benefits community initiatives to promote education in the arts.

One recipient of these funds will be an after-school program in Ballou High School’s Theater Club, which focuses on a variety of performance skills and personal development. The Sitar Arts Center, a place facilitating personal growth in conjunction with arts education, was one of Genesius Productions’ first community partners.

The group gave a fun, quick preview in the dining hall on Wednesday night, at which the group busted out a medley of Newsies and Mulan, offering an animated audience a glimpse of their talented singing and choreography.

Watching this group perform later at a performance, I was blown away. The voice of every single member was incredible and filled with emotion. It will make you wish you could stay in key just for a few seconds, or maybe try out some shower tunes.

The song selection was varied, ranging from very serious songs to light, upbeat numbers. The set list also went from very famous Broadway hits to Georgetown-centric tunes. This variety covered a wide range of musicals, and kept the show moving and the audience completely mesmerized. The choreography was also fun, spunky and interesting, adding greatly to the performance.

The enthusiastic and energetic vibe that the group gives out can be seen and felt from the cast. This dynamism does not just come from their amazing talent, but also from the electric energy created by the group as a whole. Matt Lai (COL ’11) said his favorite part of the experience has been “getting to know the people that I had never met before. It brings out the best in people.” Created to focus on the joy of performing, BAMF! was established to be a flexible, low-commitment way to have fun exploring musical theater.

“It’s honestly the thing I’m proudest of at Georgetown. It’s unique because it provides a great opportunity for Georgetown students to showcase their talent,” Taylor said. I wouldn’t miss this opportunity to see the best performers on campus take on Broadway. Whether you are a Broadway fanatic or a theater neophyte, it will definitely be an amazing night.


BAMF! will be held Friday, March 25 and Saturday, March 26. Doors open at 8 p.m. and the show starts at 8:30 in the Lohrfink Auditorium in the Rafik B. Hariri Building.

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