Georgetown: you’d better shape up.

Most students experience full-scale freedom for the first time in college. But freedom is a privilege, and responsibilities come with it. Although drinking, partying and participating in generally unrestrained debauchery form a large part of the pop-culturally glorified college experience, students must take a careful look at the messy side of what freedom often means on a college campus.

By Sunday morning – when many people who are not related to the university come to campus to attend church – parts of Georgetown look no better than a garbage dump. Strewn beer cans and solo cups are just the mildest infractions of common decency; the damage extends to full-out vandalism in places like Nevils, which frequently loses walls to weekend recklessness.

Add to this the alcohol-induced public urination and vomiting, and we start to look more like a slum than an elite learning institution. Quiet weekends at home – and even a good night’s sleep – are often difficult for many Hoyas, because people blatantly ignore noise regulations in the wee hours of the morning.

This behavior is simply unacceptable.

Nine months of the year, this campus is our home, yet students show little remorse at defacing and degrading it on a weekly basis. We would not treat our own homes in this manner, and such behavior should be out of the question here too.

Just because the janitorial staff cannot ground us, does not mean we have a green light to be disgusting. It is not the job of the university cleaning staff to mop up the foul fallout of this irresponsible behavior, and it is disrespectful to even think so. As we learn to enjoy the freedoms of adulthood, we must also learn lessons of maturity.

Our weekday comportment proves that we are capable of being civilized members of society. The academic reputation of our university suggests that we may even be smarter than the average Joe. It is a shame then, that we cannot maintain such dignity and self-respect from Thursday to Sunday.

Go out, celebrate and enjoy your weekends! But show a little respect and be mindful of the trail you leave behind.

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