Georgetown’s women’s basketball team dropped its second consecutive game to a nationally ranked team as Boston College outplayed their hosts in a 72-60 victory, sinking the Hoyas below .500 in the Big East with a 2-3 record.

In the team’s return to McDonough Gymnasium after splitting a tough two-game road trip up north, 361 spectators showed up to witness the Boston College Eagles simply overcome Georgetown. The visiting team jumped out to a 10-2 lead within the first four minutes with sharp passing and hot shooting. Their physical defensive play denied the Hoyas any great chances at the basket.

“It seemed like they did everything and we didn’t answer back, especially in the first half,” freshman forward Carmen Bruce said. “It’s like we boxed out and there was no rebound for us, everything didn’t fall our way.”

Boston College kept pulling away from Georgetown, increasing its lead as the home team struggled to put together any offense or contain their rivals on defense. As the Eagles’ sophomore guards Amber Jacobs and Clare Droesch drained their shots from all over the court, the gap widened until the Hoyas lagged behind by 22 points to a 43-21 score as the halftime buzzer rang.

“The tale of the first half is their guards beat us. We did not neutralize the guard situation,” Head Coach Patrick Knapp said.

The guards Droesch and Jacobs combined for 25 of the Eagles’ points in the first half and between the two they hit five three-pointers. Senior forward Adrianna Spears chipped in with seven points while senior guard Brianne Stepherson held the offense together at point guard and played effective, physical defense. As in the Connecticut game, sophomore guard Mary Lisicky could not unleash many shots because of the intense pressure from the guards on defense.

“[Stepherson] was getting into my body, not letting me go where I wanted to go,” Lisicky said. “We have counters for that; we just weren’t doing them today. It’s something we got to work on in practice.”

Boston College found the basket with great precision, hitting a remarkable 54.5 percent field goal percentage. Georgetown fell way below that statistic, just hitting the mark seven times in the half for a 21.9 percent average. Without Lisicky’s three-point prowess, the rest of the team sank one trey while the Eagles nailed five during the half. The visitors also pulled down nine more defensive boards, outrebounding their hosts 24-16 in total.

Junior guard Rebekkah Brunson went to the basket often in the half, but could only come up with eight points, having only shot 3-for-12. She did, though, work the boards, grabbing half the team’s rebounds. Freshman forward Carmen Bruce, who led the UConn game for the Hoyas, came up with four points after hitting 2-of-6.

The second half reprised the same themes as the first, as the Hoyas strained to get around their opponents’ offense. Boston College continued to step up on offense, finding the open player and draining the shots. The Eagles continued to widen the gap with an 11-3 run and with 7:42 left in the game, they sat on top of a 28-point lead, 69-41.

Bruce found it hard to mentally overcome the deficit from the first half when she entered in the second half.

“We didn’t have a good start tonight and we didn’t have a good start offensively against UConn. Against Syracuse, we were up by at least 10 in the first half. That propelled us into the second half.”

Within the next minute, though, Georgetown began to finally pick up momentum and take control of the game as the Eagles began to substitute their bench into play. At 6:29, Droesch hit the last bucket of the game for the Eagles. Soon, Bruce sent two three-pointers screaming into the basket and the Hoyas launched a streak of 15 unanswered points. While the home crowd held its breath for a comeback, Boston College eventually halted their progress in the last two minutes and Georgetown had to settle for a 72-60 defeat.

While the Hoyas finished the game with flashes of strong play and a great run, Coach Knapp still felt unsatisfied.

“We should have played that way a lot earlier. This team is good enough that there’s just no consolation in that. We had to scream and yell, we had to take people out. The one person who consistently busted her butt out there was Lisicky.”

For her hard work, Lisicky walked away with eight points, all from the second half, and five assists. This second half showing reflects the entire team’s trend; they shot a strong 41.7 percent in the second half and nailed three treys. The hosts also sunk 16-of-20 from the free throw line. The Eagles struggled more in the second half, going 8-for-20, or 40.0 percent, a sharp decrease from their precise shooting in the first half that left them just under 50 percent for the game. In contrast, Georgetown averaged just over 30 percent for the game.

Droesch ended with a game-high 19 points, with five buckets from three-point range, and led in team rebounding with seven rebounds. Jacobs followed with 14 points, their only other double-digit scorer. Brunson looked strong in another double-double performance, pulling down 13 rebounds to match her 18 points. Bruce came up with 14 points and six boards as well.

This marks Georgetown’s first back-to-back losses as they fall to a still-respectable 11-4 for the season and a 2-3 record in the Big East. Boston College rebounded from their first Big East loss at the hands of Syracuse over the weekend with this victory and hopes to maintain a spot in the polls, lifting its record to 12-4 and 4-1 in Big East play.

Going into Friday’s practice Georgetown will need to tighten up its offense, which has proved inconsistent and lackluster in the past few games.

“Defensively we played pretty hard tonight,” Bruce said. “We need to concentrate on making screens, getting people open, passing well and cutting hard. All those things, had we done them, would have brought us into the game.”

Knapp also pointed to fundamental problems such as not screening and not moving the ball around.

“I would say that early on we didn’t hit anybody. Running an offense is a five player proposition; it’s not just Mary bringing the ball up.”

Georgetown has a chance to put it all together and put another win on the board on Sunday at 2 p.m., when they face the University of Virginia Cavaliers in Charlottesville for their final non-conference game. A win there could help motivate the Hoyas when they reach their stretch of Big East games.

“We’ll go to into practice on Friday with intensity and we’ll look forward to playing Virginia, not with our heads down, but just trying to bounce back from this,” Bruce said.

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