By Arianne AryanpurHoya Staff Writer

A temporary employee of the Georgetown University Bookstore was apprehended by the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department after allegedly asking two students to place $300 in a bag.

Manager of the GU Bookstore Jim Kuhlman said he was unable to disclose the details of the incident and that MPD is in the process of questioning the employee. “The incident is still under investigation,” he said.

According to Kristin Sadd (COL ’02), she and her boyfriend Thomas Matella (NHS ’04) were buying textbooks together Wednesday morning when their cashier asked them how they would be paying for their purchase. “I said we’d be paying by debit and she told us if we paid by cash we would get a discount,” Sadd said.

The two subsequently decided to pay by cash instead. “I had to go to the ATM to take out $300,” Sadd said. While they were at the ATM, the employee called the manager over to void their debit transaction.

According to Sadd, when the two returned, the employee handed them their bags of books and proceeded to pull out an empty plastic bag. She then allegedly told Sadd to put her cash in the empty bag.

“Her plan was to take our money and give us the books for free,” Sadd said.

Immediately after placing the money in the bag, Sadd explained the situation to a DPS officer by the front door.

The officer proceeded to question the employee, who denied ever seeing the students.

After being questioned a second time she claimed Sadd and atella had approached her with the planned theft.

Sadd has since filed a report with DPS and the incident is under investigation by the MPD. “Students need to be aware of the situation,” she said.

Kuhlman said that during the beginning of the semester book rush, the bookstore hires temporary employees that start working a week before school starts.

While the bookstore has experienced incidents of theft in the past, he said it is not a serious problem.

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