ISABEL BINAMIRA/THE HOYA Dog Tag Bakery has a wide variety of baked goods and beverages to satisfy any sweet tooth, and the appealing display and ambiance makes it a great place to hang out and grab a snack.
Dog Tag Bakery has a wide variety of baked goods and beverages to satisfy any sweet tooth, and the appealing display and ambiance makes it a great place to hang out and grab a snack.

Right off Wisconsin Avenue , on a little strip called Grace Street, lies a quaint brick building boasting patriotic red, white and blue flags. It’s called Dog Tag Bakery, and it’s Georgetown’s latest attraction worth visiting to try a treat and learn about the company’s message. A not-for-profit organization, the bakery gives a portion of its proceeds to veterans and also provides classroom space to give work experience to disabled individuals.

Upon entering the bakery, it was evident that it prioritizes keeping the space clean. White walls and washed-wood floors provide the light feel that anyone would want from a bakery, and comfortable red-leather chairs allow visitors to lounge around and connect to Wi-Fi. It is a well-lit store with a pleasant ambiance and decorations that imply its mission to help veterans. The hashtag #BakingADifference is both catchy and cute, and another sign reads: “Heroes don’t wear capes, they wear dog tags.” Before even ordering any baked goods, it was clear that the owners behind Dog Tag have a genuine passion and respect for those in the armed forces.

A clear wall into the kitchen displays employees hard at work, baking all goods in-house. The cashiers happily gave the company’s story and the bakery’s creations when asked, making sure that all new customers are aware of the impact Dog Tag is about to make. They mentioned the best things and most popular orders, so I ended up selecting a brownie and two cake pops, one chocolate truffle and one coconut-coffee.

The brownie is nothing special; the most unique part was that it is the recipe of original co-founder, Connie Milstein, so it is included in the bakery’s offerings to pay homage to her. It was priced at $2.75, high but comparable to other desserts in Georgetown.

Meanwhile, the cake pops were priced at two for $1.75, and they were absolutely delicious. The double chocolate was fudgey inside, with a rich chocolate frosting and vanilla drizzle. There were even chocolate chips on top, giving it the ultimate death-by-chocolate feel. The coffee/coconut was crispy and tasty, with another rich-chocolatey inside. The unique flavor was sweet, almost butterscotch-y, and paired well with the chocolate inside. Enough to make you full for a whole meal, the cake pops stole the show and will be the sole reason I return to Dog Tag.

The selection included a wide variety of blended teas, an impressive coffee bar and savory snacks such as sandwiches and salads. Attentive employees offered to take dirty plates and asked if guests needed anything else, ensuring a pleasant experience and excellent customer service with any visit. On a Saturday afternoon, there was a steady crowd but still plenty of places to sit and lounge around, and the customer service was up to the challenge of the large audience.

The bakery’s company, Dog Tag Inc., is dedicated to improving the lives of veterans, and the storefront at Georgetown aims to spread this mission in our local community. Additionally, there is a six-month business administration program where students at Georgetown can be involved in this business model. Everything about the company is admirable, and knowing that an impact can be made one baked good at a time is reassuring. It gives another reason to indulge in treats – as if another reason was needed.

With a passion to do good while providing tasty treats, Dog Tag is as well-rounded as a bakery can get. From excellent food to stellar service and a pleasant environment, there is truly something for everyone at Dog Tag, and everyone should check it out while on an M Street outing.

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