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Midnight MUG, located on the second floor of Lauinger Library, is offering student entrepreneurs the opportunity to showcase their new products in a Startup Hotel installation opened in mid-October.

Startup Hotel Promotes Student Entrepreneurship

Startup Hotel, an installation in Lauinger Library, is giving aspiring entrepreneurs a new opportunity to show off their startup projects. The about 8-foot-tall translucent tower with shelves holding the products opened in mid-October in Midnight MUG, a Students of Georgetown, Inc. storefront on the second floor and first floors of[Read More…]

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Former Chiefs of Staff: Bill Clinton Guided by Vision of Helping People

The leadership and negotiating skills of former President Bill Clinton (SFS ’68) helped him actualize his vision of putting people first in his policies, said three Clinton White House chiefs of staff at a panel forming part of the “Clinton 25: Georgetown Reflects on the Vision of Bill Clinton” symposium[Read More…]

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Deputy National Security Advisor Elliott Abrams argued the United States cannot stabilize the Middle East by supporting authoritarian regimes Monday.

Former Deputy National Security Adviser Advocates Middle East Policy Restraint

The United States cannot stabilize the Middle East by supporting authoritarian regimes, argued former Deputy National Security Adviser Elliott Abrams in a Monday discussion of his newest book. During the event hosted by the Center for Jewish Civilization, Abrams, who advised former President George W. Bush on policy toward the[Read More…]

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Georgetown was the only university recognized as a winner of the Digital Edge 25 award, acknowledging the university for its innovation in technology around campus.

Wi-Fi Improvements Planned for 66 Buildings, Outages Expected

Georgetown University plans to invest $120 million to upgrade Wi-Fi infrastructure in all 66 campus buildings, over the course of five years, through an agreement with Verizon Wireless. Improvements have already been completed in Alumni Square and the Preclinical Science Building, resulting in speed improvements from two to 10 times[Read More…]

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Joachim von Amsberg, vice president of policy and strategy for the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, said the AIIB has succeeded where other regional development banks failed by adapting to emerging economies.

Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank VP Touts Regional Success

The year-old Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank has overcome other multilateral development banks’ failures to adapt to the rise of emerging economies unlike established western financial institutions, AIIB Vice President of Policy and Strategy Joachim von Amsberg said in a Wednesday lecture. Headquartered in Beijing, the AIIB is a development bank[Read More…]

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