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As It Happened: Hillary Clinton Urges US Leadership in Crises Affecting Women

As It Happened: Hillary Clinton Urges US Leadership in Crises Affecting Women

Hillary Clinton Awards at Georgetown University Click here to read for full coverage. Have a reaction to this article? Write a letter to the editor.

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Portraits That Defy a President

    The Hoya spoke with five members of the Georgetown community — from Haiti, South Sudan, El Salvador and Cameroon — who shared their thoughts on the president’s remarks and their families’ stories of immigrating to the United States. CLICK HERE TO READ STORY Have a reaction to this[Read More…]

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Senior forward Declan McCabe secured Georgetown men’s soccer’s second Big East Championship over the past three years when he scored off a free kick in double overtime against Xavier.

Top Sports Stories of 2017

SANTAMARIA & CRAIGE | US Men’s Soccer: A National Embarrassment (Oct. 13) The US Men’s National Soccer Team embarrassed the United States when it failed to qualify for the World Cup after losing to Trinidad & Tobago.   WOMEN’S SOCCER | Hoyas Win Big East Final, Earn NCAA Tournament Berth[Read More…]

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Top Viewpoints and Columns of 2017

VIEWPOINT: As Jesuit Presence Fades, Georgetown Recommits to Its Roots The number of Jesuit professors teaching at Georgetown University has dropped dramatically over the last several decades. Nevertheless, the university is more committed to its Jesuit roots than ever.   VIEWPOINT: Address Accessibility Shortcomings Georgetown’s commitment to cura personalis should[Read More…]

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Top Photos and Illustrations of 2017


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Top Guide Stories of 2017

  The Art of the Protest (Jan. 20) President Donald Trump’s inauguration brought a resurgence of artistic activism. In light of measures surrounding sexual assault, net neutrality and health care, the artistic community continues to protest Trump through performance and expression.   Beneath The Tombs: A Rich Art History (Sept.[Read More…]

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Top News Stories of 2017

Top News Stories of 2017

179 Years Later, Descendants of Slaves Seek Future at Georgetown (Sept. 15) Nearly two centuries after 272 slaves were sold by Maryland Jesuits in 1838 to a Louisiana plantation, three of their descendants look for a future at the university.   Missing Out: The GSP Students Who Would Have Been[Read More…]

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Top Feature Stories of 2017

The Art of the Protest (Jan. 20) Political art, inspired by both protest and populism, encounters renewed vitality in the era of President Donald Trump. Trump Arrives in Capital Amid Protests, Celebrations (Jan. 24) The weekend of Trump’s inauguration featured scenes of celebration and resistance in Washington, D.C., that foreshadowed[Read More…]

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GUSA Poll 2017 Results

GUSA Poll 2017 Results

  Illustrations: Alyssa Volivar/The Hoya Methodology: The Hoya conducted a campuswide, door-to-door poll of Georgetown students Tuesday night in advance of the Georgetown University Student Association executive election Feb. 23. Although the polling method is not scientific, it was designed to reduce sample bias and provide transparency for demographics. More than[Read More…]

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Election Day: Students Gather at the White House

Election Day: Students Gather at the White House

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s victory over Democrat Hillary Clinton on Election Day resulted in Georgetown University students congregating early Wednesday morning in front of the White House. Georgetown students made their way down to the White House as early as 12 a.m., before it was clear Trump would win,[Read More…]

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