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LARKIN: Evade Orwellian Echoes

LARKIN: Evade Orwellian Echoes

In 1943, George Orwell wrote that he feared “the very concept of objective truth is fading out of the world.” The preceding decades saw mass disinformation campaigns through the extensive use of propaganda, near-omniscient government surveillance, seemingly endless warfare, hostility towards minorities and totalitarianism on both the right and the[Read More…]

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LARKIN: Reaffirm Free Speech to Battle Hate

LARKIN: Reaffirm Free Speech to Battle Hate

“Hate speech is not free speech!” read one sign that greeted Attorney General Jeff Sessions last week when he arrived at Georgetown University Law Center to address freedom of expression on college campuses. That sign speaks to a common belief among college students. In a recent survey, 44 percent of[Read More…]

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LARKIN: Root Out Insidious Hate

LARKIN: Root Out Insidious Hate

They were both blood red. One was a little smeared; the other had cleaner lines. These were the second and third swastikas found on campus this semester, and this is the second time I have had to start an article for The Hoya by describing swastikas on campus. Hate at[Read More…]

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LARKIN: Inhabiting the Radical Center

LARKIN: Inhabiting the Radical Center

Western liberalism is in retreat. This crisis is bigger than just the wannabe-authoritarian in the White House. Our entire society is losing faith in liberal democracy, and surveys indicate our generation has the most unbelievers by far. This illiberalism has seeped into college students, as it has for Americans across the[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: Subtle Anti-Semitism

Last October, a swastika was scratched into the wall of a Georgetown University Medical Center bathroom. Laudably, administrators and others quickly condemned this blatant expression of bigotry. However, a less explicit form of anti-Semitism has established a toehold on our campus. It manifests itself in the actions of two student[Read More…]

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Anthropology Professor Mubbashir Rizvi, left, Refugees International Climate Displacement Program Manager Alice Thomas and Environmental Law Center attorney Sofia Yazykova urged immediate action to stop climate change.

Panel Urges Action on Climate Refugee Displacement

Immediate action must be taken to stop climate change in light of environmentally induced displacement of refugees, according to a panel discussion organized by the Environmental Futures Initiative in the Mortara Center on Monday. Program Director for the Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship James Olsen, who is[Read More…]

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D.C. to Allow Local Prosecutors to Try Cases in Federal Courts

Washington, D.C. local prosecutors will be allowed to try misdemeanors in federal courts effective this month, a move that will allow federal officials from the District’s U.S. Attorney’s office to focus their efforts on prosecuting violent felony offenders in Washington, D.C. Under the new plan, the office of Mayor Muriel[Read More…]

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Professor Talks History, Modern Understanding of Ghettos

Princeton University professor of sociology Mitchell Duneier emphasized both the negative history and modern-day understanding of ghettos in the United States in a discussion hosted by the Center for Jewish Civilization in Copley Formal Lounge on Thursday. This event was centered on Duneier’s recent book “Ghetto: The Invention of a[Read More…]

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