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DESAI: Promise in Pragmatism

An interesting quality about Georgetown students that I have noticed is our general tendency to favor normative reasoning over positive reasoning. The former centers on subjective, value-based judgments whereas the latter relies on objective facts. Essentially, the difference is whether one can prove or disprove the claims one makes. For[Read More…]

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It’s Good To Be Busy

Many have railed against the perceived detriments of Georgetown’s overly busy, extracurricular-oriented culture. These arguments condense into a few points. First, extracurriculars force students to spread themselves thin not only over classes, jobs, exercise and social life, but also clubs, which are integral to the Georgetown experience. Second, in pursuing[Read More…]

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The Competitive Edge of Uniqueness

American society is typified by its theoretical commitments to capitalism and, therefore, to competition. From an early age, American children are pushed to play sports like football and tennis — that is, to compete. We are taught that we can make it to the top by becoming the best competitors[Read More…]

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DESAI: Choose Creativity; Security Can Wait

A common facet of the Georgetown experience is pervasive preprofessionalism. All of us have come across that girl who has known she wants to work at the U.S. Department of State since her 13th birthday or that guy who will not settle for less than becoming the next Wolf of[Read More…]

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Meta-Startup Aids Potential Investors

When the idea for Trendify dawned on me in February, I envisioned software that could analyze historical data to predict whether any given startup would succeed and determine potential pitfalls that the startup would face. The implications of this technology escaped me, as did the interest and demand it would[Read More…]

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