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VIEWPOINT: Commitment to Bystander Intervention

Earlier this year, I spent the night in the emergency room with a close friend. As she went through test after test, other friends and I took turns sitting with her as she alternated between the waiting room and her bed. There, I met another Georgetown student, a sophomore who[Read More…]

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A Shared Obligation

The start of my freshman year at Georgetown was unremarkable. In the first couple weeks of school, I quickly fell into a group of friends — all male — who lived on the floor above me. We ate all our meals together, studied together and, on the weekends, went out[Read More…]

Impressions of a First-Year RA

Impressions of a First-Year RA

Wednesdays are the hardest day of my week. After six hours of class and three hours of meetings, all I want to do at night is to fall into bed. So, when my 20th birthday fell on a Wednesday this September, I was not particularly pleased. At 10:30 p.m., I[Read More…]

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A Choice to Conserve Beyond Water Week

Several years ago, Georgetown University administrators started considering the necessity of ensuring the sustainability of new buildings on campus. Just this past year, Georgetown opted to institutionalize the Office of Sustainability, illustrating the importance of this establishment. With continued information coming forward about the dire state of the environment, establishing[Read More…]

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