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GUMC researchers have developed a new method for autism spectrum disorder screening,

GUMC Proposes New Autism Screening Method

A new method for autism spectrum disorder screening in children of Latinx families, developed by Georgetown University Medical Center autism specialists, was presented at the International Meeting for Autism Research in San Francisco from May 10 to 13. The new screening method includes conducting interviews with families of children who[Read More…]

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Metro Proposes New Business Plan Amid Meltdown

Amid recent criticism for its labor policies and a meltdown on the Red Line on Thursday morning, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority General Manager Paul Wiedefeld announced plans to implement a new business model to increase WMATA’s budget by $500 million per year and cut worker retirement benefits April 19.[Read More…]

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Larry Calloway, a Georgetown University Transportation Service bus driver, performed at the April 7 Georgetown Program Board Spring Kickoff Concert.

GUTS Driver Takes Voice to Spring Concert

The stage was set. Hundreds of students were gathered for the April 7 Georgetown Program Board Spring Kickoff Concert in McDonough Gymnasium. Larry Calloway, a Georgetown University Transportation Service bus driver who has worked at Georgetown for about seven months, felt butterflies in his stomach as he waited to take[Read More…]

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The university launched the Think About It program, an online training on sexual misconduct, in light of the university’s first Sexual Assault and Misconduct Survey conducted last year.

Online Sexual Misconduct Training Course Launched

The university is introducing a new online training course about sexual assault and misconduct prevention for students this week as part of the university’s response to last year’s Sexual Assault and Misconduct Climate Survey. The training program, launched as part of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, looks to increase education and[Read More…]

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GUSA Protests GUPD Student Group Charges

The Georgetown University Student Association senate unanimously approved a bill Sunday expressing concerns about new policies requiring student and administrative groups to pay for security at certain events. GUSA Senator Hunter Estes (SFS ’19), who introduced the bill, said the Georgetown University Police Department decides if an event requires security[Read More…]

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The District unemployment rate has reached its lowest level since 2008, whileunemployment rates in Wards 7 and 8 remains disproportionately high to other wards.

District Unemployment Rate Remains Steady

Unemployment rates in Washington, D.C., remained stable at 5.7 percent, according to preliminary data released by the the District Office of Unemployment Services on March 24. Steadily declining since 2011, the current unemployment rate, which has been the rate since December, marks the lowest unemployment since January of 2008. The[Read More…]

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Asian-Pacific Islander Leadership Forum Launches

A group of 15 students launched the Asian-Pacific Islander Leadership Forum on March 19 in an effort to provide a unifying space for Asian, Asian-American and Pacific Islander students on campus. The organization “seeks to create spaces for celebrating, affirming, and mobilizing Asian and Pacific Islander students at Georgetown,” according[Read More…]

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Gruppo Illy S.p.A. President Ricardo Illy, left, and McDonough School of Business professor Michael R. Czinkota examined the fate of Italian manufacturing in a increasingly globalized world.

Gruppo Illy President Promotes Italian Goods

Italian businesses and manufacturers have a bright future ahead of them, according to Gruppo Illy S.p.A. President Riccardo Illy, who shared his experiences and perspectives with a group of about 30 students at the Baker Scholars Conference Room on March 24. The Georgetown University Italian Research Institute hosted the discussion[Read More…]

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Alumni Promote Role of Georgetown in Advocacy Efforts

Georgetown’s values inspire activist efforts, according to three alumni who participated in the “Hoya Visionaries” panel at the OWN IT Summit on Saturday. The panel featured disability rights advocate Anastasia Somoza (COL ’07), who gave a speech in support of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton at the Democratic National Convention[Read More…]

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ACLU Sues DC Police Over Arrest of Transgender Activist

The American Civil Liberties Union of Washington, D.C., filed a lawsuit late last month against four D.C. Metropolitan Police Department officers and the D.C. government on behalf of Lourdes Ashley Hunter, a local transgender rights activist who was arrested on a misdemeanor charge without a warrant last November. Hunter, co-founder[Read More…]

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