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Remembering Halabja: Hope for a People

After 21 years, the United Nations commemorated the Halabja genocide for the first time on Monday. The silence of the world on this matter until now is indicative of the general international attitude toward the genocidal suppression of Kurds. On March 16 and 17, 1988, Iraqi military planes bombarded Halabja,[Read More…]

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U.S. Loses Too in Israel-Hamas War

As another wild war is raging in the Middle East between Israel and Hamas, American national interests and security are burning up with it every day. Israel may not care what its neighbors think of it; it is already the bête noire of the Arab and Islamic world. But the[Read More…]

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Vote to Protect Your Future, Secure Your Freedoms

In 1995, my dad was imprisoned and tortured by Iran’s Islamic regime for advocating Kurdish cultural rights. During six months of solitary confinement, he suffered cruel torture such as flogging, electric shock and the nailing of his left foot. My family feared he might be killed like others arrested for[Read More…]

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GU Must Teach Students Critical Thinking

As a Georgetown freshman, I felt like an academic refugee on campus – impatient to get my bachelor’s degree, my passport to the working world. My academic life on the Hilltop was a random spree of exposure to courses designed for my short-term memory. Georgetown failed to challenge me any[Read More…]

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