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The Hoya Managing Editor Jesus Rodriguez (left), Washington Examiner White House correspondent ____, and The Hill editor-in-chief Bob Cusack.

Media Must Overcome Climate of Distrust, DC Journalists Say

Political journalists must push through a climate of distrust created by politicians and the public alike, argued Bob Cusack, editor-in-chief of The Hill, and Sarah Westwood, the Washington Examiner’s White House correspondent, at an event in Copley Formal Lounge on Oct. 27. Moderated by The Hoya’s Managing Editor Jesus Rodriguez[Read More…]

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Amid a push to decriminalize sex work in Washington, D.C., several students at Georgetown engage in sugaring, a practice that relies on gifts or allowances from clients in exchange for sex, and escorting as a space to express their sexual identities.

Behind the Curtain: Students in Sex Work

Eric/a grappled with the idea of sex work for over a year before their first paid sexual encounter. Since the summer after their sophomore year, they were consumed by a mental calculus of risk. Eric/a weighed the risk of detection by the authorities, the university and fellow students. They considered[Read More…]

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Toeing the Line: Free Speech and Sex on Campus

When professor Derek Goldman was directing “In The Next Room, or the vibrator play” last spring, he was acutely aware that, to some on campus, the production would appear salacious at first blush. The play deals frankly with female sexuality, exploring how the invention of the vibrator permitted women to[Read More…]

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Following Heated Campaigns, Election Day Arrives

Even as the results of the 2016 presidential election remain mired in uncertainty, Bethan Saunders (SFS ’17) has known her exhaustive Election Day schedule well in advance of Nov. 8. As a co-founder of student-led voter mobilization initiative GU Votes, Saunders plans to lead scores of Georgetown students to the[Read More…]

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Police Investigates Local Hate Crime

A potential hate crime in which a perpetrator assaulted and used homophobic language against a Georgetown student off campus the night of Oct. 31 is being investigated by the Georgetown University Police Department and the Metropolitan Police Department. A campuswide email sent Nov. 1 from GUPD Chief Jay Gruber and[Read More…]

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Georgetown ranked in the top 20 colleges by the U.S. News and World Report, but fell in veteran rankings.

Ranking Reports Mixed Outcomes

While Sept. 13 saw Georgetown reclaim a spot as the No. 20 top college in the U.S. News and World Report’s 2017 national universities rankings, it was absent from the institution’s list of best colleges for veterans — which saw Georgetown in first place just two years ago and 16th[Read More…]

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Professors, Students Analyze Political Culture

Professors, Students Analyze Political Culture

As the presidential election plunges Americans across the country into a fresh bout of political soul-searching, the Georgetown community is grappling with the same conversations unfolding on the national stage. Georgetown’s status as a premier national university and its Catholic tradition of social justice contribute to a culture in which[Read More…]

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The restaurant The Tombs is scheduled to reopen after a summer of being closed due to renovations.

The Tombs to Reopen After $2 Million Renovation

When The Tombs reopens after its three-month summer hiatus on Tuesday, returning patrons can expect to find the classic Georgetown locale largely unchanged, save for some fresh lacquer, new leather banquettes and a few extra menu items. But the $2 million renovation, which shuttered the bar and its affiliated upstairs[Read More…]

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The Washington Monument will close for nine months while it undergoes a $2 to $3 million dollar renovation to repair its elevator system.

Monument Faces Closure

Following persistent elevator outages, the Washington Monument, which has been closed since Aug. 17, is to remain closed until mid-September, before a more complete repair plan will shutter the 555-foot obelisk for nine months. The repairs, estimated to cost between $2 million to $3 million, aim to tackle a spate[Read More…]

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From left to right: Martin O'Malley, Rebecca Sinderbrand, Scott Mulhauser, Juana Summers and Michael Steel, who make up the 2016 GU Politics Fall Fellows.

GU Politics Announces 2016 Fall Fellows

Georgetown Institute of Politics and Public Service unveiled its newest class of fellows Wednesday, a group that is comprised of figures at the forefront of politics and media. The fall 2016 fellows include former 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley, former Chief of Staff at the U.S. Embassy in Beijing[Read More…]

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