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GU Delays Insurance Changes

University President John J. DeGioia announced Thursday that Georgetown will take advantage of a one-year delay offered by the Obama administration before adding contraceptive coverage to its student health insurance policy. “After thoughtful and careful consideration, we will continue our current practice for contraceptive coverage in our student health insurance[Read More…]

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MEN’S BASKETBALL | GU Faces Struggling ‘Nova

MEN’S BASKETBALL | GU Faces Struggling ‘Nova

Villanova and Georgetown are familiar opponents, but this year the two programs find themselves in an unfamiliar position. The Hoyas have won three of the last four meetings, each time coming up against a Wildcats team ranked in the national top 10. But this time, the No. 9Hoyas (20-6, 10-5 Big East) will[Read More…]

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Exec Elections for Dummies

Many Georgetown University Student Association executive tickets have asked me for advice on how to win this year’s executive election. I thought I’d share some words of wisdom for running a successful GUSA campaign via a viewpoint: Debates Although it’s a little late for advice now, debates are probably the most overlooked[Read More…]

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The State of the University

Faculty at universities nowadays come and go fairly regularly, so it is a rare professorial announcement that shakes a school. Recently, Patrick Deneen, a former columnist for this paper and professor of government, announced his departure from Georgetown for the University of Notre Dame. Seeking a place that more fully[Read More…]

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Towne Time: Drink in the New Season With Autumn Brews

Towne Time: Drink in the New Season With Autumn Brews

This past week’s nasty weather has signalled that summer is gone. But there is a silver lining to the dark cloud of Irene’s angry little sister that landed this week: Autumn’s brews have arrived on store shelves. For the first ever Towne Time, 21-and-over Hoya Staffers sampled some of the[Read More…]

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Campus Spotlight // 3.25.11

March 21 was the first day of spring. Unlike the Gregorian calendar we use in the U.S., many nations have their calendar organized around natural solar events, like seasons. The Iranian calendar is one such example. The first day of the year is the first day of spring; the year[Read More…]

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