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Health and Wellness Issue

Health and well-being are concepts integral to one’s college and life experiences. Yet on such a bustling campus, students rarely ever pause to examine their state of mind and body. From personal narratives of conquered eating disorders to health advice from Yates, Leo’s and CAPS employees, this issue explores sides[Read More…]

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Racial Identity Limits Us

For decades, many members of my family have attended the historically black Tuskegee University, so it is not surprising that my cousins and I also expected to follow in this tradition. While many of my cousins did attend historically black colleges and universities, I did not. When I began the[Read More…]

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Album Review: ‘Lift Your Spirit’

Album Review: ‘Lift Your Spirit’

3/5 stars With “Lift Your Spirit” as its title, Aloe Blacc’s new album could not be clearer about its intentions. The soul and rhythm and blues singer returns with his third studio album, but most mainstream listeners will recognize Blacc from Avicii’s hit “Wake Me Up,” for which Blacc provided vocals. Never quite managing to become the uplifting[Read More…]

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MEN’S BASKETBALL | GU Drops Second Straight

Saturday’s letdown loss to Seton Hall (11-7, 2-3 Big East) was an enormous setback for a Georgetown team desperately searching for a win. Georgetown (11-6, 3-3 Big East) lost back-to-back games for the first time this season, and the progress of a team searching for its identity after losing two[Read More…]

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Plot Thickens for Republican Narrative

As last Tuesday’s election results made clear, over $1 billion in campaigning spending created 17 minutes of election night uncertainty. Last Tuesday, Fox News called the presidential election at 11:17 p.m. — 17 minutes after it called the 2008 election. This wake-up call to the Republican Party came 17 minutes[Read More…]

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In the Know on Knowledge

During one of my trips to Lauinger Library last week, I noticed something unusual. As I took a seat in one of the wooden cubicles, I saw some words carved deeply into the surface of the desk, one of those permanent etchings that are added to library furnishings year after year, reminders[Read More…]

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SmarTrip Kiosks Installed Throughout Metro

After months of delay, every Metrorail station is now equipped with vending machines for SmarTrip cards. According to a June press release from the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, vending machines were supposed to be installed in all stations by September. However, WMATA decided to delay the installation after disability[Read More…]

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Site Fosters Global Learning

School of Foreign Service professor Cynthia Schneider’s course “Diplomacy and Culture” may be quintessentially Georgetown, but its students are far more diverse. Schneider uses Soliya — an online site that promotes constructive dialogue through video chat — to foster interactions between her students sitting in White-Gravenor and undergraduates from countries across the world. “People always talk[Read More…]

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Students to Assess Religious Life

The Georgetown University Student Association began recruiting students to serve on an advisory committee to assess the quality of religious life on campus and craft the GUSA Mission and Ministry Report. The committee will comprise about 12 students in addition to co-chairs Kevin Sullivan (SFS ’14) and Laura West (COL ’13), representatives from[Read More…]

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Tech Tune-Ups Key to Modern Campus

One of the core values that shapes the work that takes place here at Georgetown is a commitment to doing more, being more and always looking for new ways to improve. The concept of magis informs the highest standards of academic excellence to which we hold ourselves as a community. This constant[Read More…]

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