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Georgetown Day to Proceed In Spite of Campus Rumors

Georgetown Day to Proceed In Spite of Campus Rumors

Image Contributor; UPDATED: Friday, February 13 at 4:23 a.m. Following a widely popular Facebook group and a proposed GUSA resolution rallying against possible changes to or cancellation of this year’s Georgetown Day, University Provost James O’Donnell assured the community Wednesday night that the celebration will remain on schedule. The possible[Read More…]

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A Year Later, Fudan Liaison Office Still Looking to Expand

Georgetown’s international presence has widely expanded this past year as a result of the opening of a liaison office at Fudan University in China last January. The program has had its successes, but still looks to the future for further growth of intercultural dialogue. In addition to facilitating various opportunities[Read More…]

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Streaming Dialogues, Uniting Cultures in the Classroom

Difficulties coordinating a group project on campus and meeting the deadline are fairly regular parts of the undergraduate experience. Imagine how challenging it might be if the group members were halfway across the world and available only through videoconferencing. Georgetown students are now communicating with students at the Edmund A.[Read More…]

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Children’s Autism Clinic Performing Small Miracles

Children’s Autism Clinic Performing Small Miracles

Image ContributorThe autism clinic of the Georgetown University Center for Child and Human Development sees about 50 children every year. Kendra Atcherson has always had difficulty with communication. The 5-year-old from Ft. Washington, Md., was diagnosed with autism when she was younger and began receiving treatment at the Georgetown University[Read More…]

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Leavey Banks Battle for Students

Leavey Banks Battle for Students

Image Contributor; Since its inception in 1983 up until 2004, the Georgetown University Alumni and Student Federal Credit Union had it fairly easy. As the only on-campus banking service, GUASFCU experienced consistent growth and expansion during its first 21 years in business. Then Chevy Chase Bank came to town. In[Read More…]

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Widely Used Arabic Textbook Called Anti-Western

Widely Used Arabic Textbook Called Anti-Western

Image Contributor.Al-Kitaab,. co-authored by a Georgetown professor, has been accused of containing pro-Arab propaganda. An Arabic textbook authored by a Georgetown professor, published by the Georgetown University Press and used widely on campus and throughout the United States has come under fire in recent weeks for allegedly containing anti-Western and[Read More…]

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Looking for an Upgrade

With other class options falling through during the second semester of her freshman year, Lindsay Neubauer (COL ’11) signed up for a computer science class to round out her schedule. Not too long after, she decided to pursue a major in the department. With little background knowledge from high school,[Read More…]

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Students Join March for Darfur

Darfuri refugees, leaders of anti-genocide groups and even a Holocaust survivor were among a crowd of more than 100 protestors who marched in Amnesty International’s Global Day for Darfur rally Sunday. The group also included members of Georgetown’s Student Anti-Genocide Coalition and anti-genocide activists from surrounding schools. Around 15 protesters,[Read More…]

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Rising Spam Hits University Accounts

The storage space of the university’s e-mail system has been a long-standing complaint of students and faculty alike. But while many dream of larger inboxes, they’ve recently received a stream of spam for another type of enlargement. Beth Ann Bergsmark, a director at University Information Services, said that a group[Read More…]

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DNC Chair Says Democrats Party of Diversity

The Democratic Party is committed to addressing the needs of the African American community and should take over in the upcoming presidential elections, said Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean in a speech last night in the Intercultural Center Auditorium in honor of Black History Month. “The Democratic Party is[Read More…]

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