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New GUSA Constitutional Council Members Confirmed

Three new members of the Georgetown University Student Association constitutional council took office Feb. 14 after the GUSA senate voted to approve their nominations. Allie Phillips (COL ’20), William Morris (COL ’19) and Mariah Johnson (COL ’21) were confirmed as councilors, and Phillips was confirmed as chair of the council,[Read More…]

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Ticket Profile: Josh Sirois and Casey Doherty Bring GUSA Experience

Emphasizing their campaign motto “Moving Forward,” Josh Sirois (SFS ’20) and Casey Doherty (COL ’20) are running for president and vice president, respectively, of the Georgetown University Student Association to champion existing projects and advance new ideas. Sirois and Doherty are running on a detailed policy platform and a combined[Read More…]

FILE PHOTO WILL CROMARTY/THE HOYA The race to fill the council followed the nearly simultaneous resignation of all three former councilors Jan. 19, as the senate prepared to consider impeachment proceedings against Russell Wirth (COL ’19), former constitutional councilor and the council’s chair.

GUSA Constitutional Council Still Vacant as Elections Loom

All three seats of the Constitutional Council, the Georgetown University Student Association’s judicial body, remain vacant two days before the start of campaigning for the 2018 GUSA executive election, after the three council members resigned simultaneously Jan. 19 amid heightening tensions with the GUSA senate. Student leaders hope to nominate[Read More…]

Student-led efforts to raise funds for an off-campus mental health program were met with a $10,000 contribution from the university Thursday.

Students to Vote Again on GUSA Senate Reform Referendum

Students are set to vote Feb. 22 on a campuswide referendum that proposes reforms to the Georgetown University Student Association senate, including proposals to elect senators by class year instead of by geographic districts and to move elections for nonfreshman senators to April instead of the fall. The referendum consists[Read More…]

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Georgetown University Student Association mental health advocates are fundraising for an off-campus therapy stipend program through Saxafund.

GUSA Seeks Donations for Therapy Stipend Program

Student mental health advocates are aiming to raise $4,000 for a pilot program to fund off-campus therapy for lower-income students through Saxafund, a crowdfunding platform for Georgetown University student initiatives, after administrators did not commit funding for a wider pilot program last year. The proposal, launched by the Georgetown University[Read More…]

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Recently, Cawley has taken steps to improve services, particularly for international students, who expressed criticism of the Sept. 15 career fair’s perceived lack of international employers.

Cawley Career Center Collaborates With GUSA to Address Student Concerns

Streamlined communication and feedback systems at the Cawley Career Education Center are set to be implemented via Google form later this week, thanks to a collaborative effort between the Georgetown University Student Association and staff at Cawley. The effort is also slated to include a series of focus groups to[Read More…]

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The School of Foreign Service is looking to introduce a science requirement for the Class of 2022.

Undergraduate Tuition to Rise for 7th Consecutive Year

Undergraduate tuition rates in the 2018-19 academic year are set to increase by 3.5 percent to $53,520 from $51,720, Provost Robert Groves announced in a campuswide email Wednesday. The increase, identical to last year’s change, falls below the university’s earlier projections for 4 percent hikes through 2020. Tuition has risen[Read More…]

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The Lioerian President said that Democracy was the ultimate standard to strive for in her Copley Formal address.

Liberian President Calls for Increased Presence of Women in Politics

Democracies function best when they maximize female political participation, Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf said during her talk in Copley Formal Lounge on Wednesday afternoon. The first democratically elected female head of state in Africa, Sirleaf received the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize for her efforts to secure women’s rights and[Read More…]

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Georgetown student health insurance plans will continue to offer contraceptive coverage.

Facing Student Pressure, Georgetown Continues Contraception Coverage in Insurance Plans

Georgetown University health insurance plans are continuing to cover contraception, despite a religious exemption from coverage requirements, following an advocacy campaign led by members of the student group H*yas for Choice. Two rules issued by the administration of President Donald Trump on Oct. 6 rolled back a mandate of the[Read More…]

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Pro-Israel activist

Pro-Israel Activist Urges Constructive Dialogue on Conflict

A divisive, us-versus-them approach to debating the Israeli-Palestinian conflict impedes progress, argued pro-Israel activist Chloé Valdary at a Nov. 28 discussion. The U.S. conversation regarding the conflict, a decadeslong struggle between Israelis and Palestinians over the two sides’ competing claims to lands controlled by Israel, pits proponents of Israeli security[Read More…]

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