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Less Tuition? We Hope So

If you are a college student, you might have noticed a recent change in your parents’ willingness to give you money for books, drugs and booze. The reason for that is the ever-increasing cost of tuition. The average tuition of American universities is steadily rising, with Georgetown having implemented several[Read More…]

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‘Laptop’ Cheer Lacks Class

The cheer began just one minute 47 seconds into the game when the University of Connecticut’s A.J. Price stepped to the foul line for his first free throw of the afternoon. “Where’s my laptop?” Georgetown students taunted in unison. They did not let up during any one of Price’s game-high[Read More…]

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959 Days and Counting

Nine-hundred and fifty-nine. That’s how many days have gone by since May 2005, the month that year’s class graduated and the Darnall Hall cafeteria closed its doors for the final time. Nine-hundred and fifty-nine days. Wars have been waged in less time than that. Construction of the Empire State Building[Read More…]

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A Giant Opportunity in SW D.C.

Every day, thousands of automobile drivers cross the I-395/Rt. 1 bridge into the District, and few will even notice the non-descript and awkward exit for East Potomac Park. But knowledgeable locals and adventurous visitors know the short detour leads to one of the District’s best-kept secrets: Hains Point. What is[Read More…]

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Don’t Put Off Your Vote

This is it, Hoyas. After years of being written off by the political establishment as stubbornly apathetic and unreliable, you – the college student – are now squarely in the middle of an election where you may well make the difference between who wins and who loses. Only two states[Read More…]

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Guns, Germs and Stealing

The majority of driving accidents happen within five miles of the home. Many of us might remember this strange statistic printed seemingly for no purpose other than to spite those studying for the driver’s license test, but there is a lesson to be derived from this statistic. In the final[Read More…]

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