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Smoking Rules Shouldn’t Be Hazy

The poet Bryan Bale wrote of being enclosed “within a swirl of moonlit mist,” an experience that many students wading through the dense smoke cloud outside the library at night can understand. There are several areas on campus where some students exhale smoke while others hold their breath. Students should[Read More…]

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GU’s Quick Reaction to Explosive Crisis Was a Welcome Surprise

The university has been criticized on many occasions for taking too long to respond to large-scale issues that need to be dealt with immediately. In regards to the ongoing norovirus crisis, however, the university’s actions have been just the opposite. The first broadcast e-mail, warning students about the outbreak, was[Read More…]

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Don’t Force Students to Pay for Tickets They Don’t Want

It is an unfortunate but readily observable fact that women’s sports teams at Georgetown do not get the same level of support as men’s sports teams. This is true across the board; the three most-attended sports are men’s basketball, men’s lacrosse and football. While the Editorial Board strongly believes that[Read More…]

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Letter to Alumni Should Have Comforted, Not Insulted

For many alumni, the current financial crisis is a catastrophe. Many face losing their jobs, their homes and their financial security. With many former Hoyas in the financial field, Georgetown endeavored to show compassion and sent a letter expressing its sympathy to the alumni in the New York area. Showing[Read More…]

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Nation’s Capital Must Lead LGBTQ Rights Movement

According to Washington insiders, District of Columbia’s City Council members David Catania (SFS ’90, LAW ’94) and Jim Graham are planning on presenting a same-sex marriage bill to their peers as early as this coming January. And Mayor Adrian Fenty and at least 10 of the Council’s 13 members are[Read More…]

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Clubs Deserve a Place to Work

In April of this year, the Student Activities Commission notified student clubs with offices in the Leavey Center that their offices were under-utilized and, as a result, they were going to be converted into storage space and shared meeting rooms. Sophia Behnia (COL ’09), chair of SAC, blindsided the leaders[Read More…]

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Some Alumni Still Chime in

The oldest Chime, Frank Jones, at 88 years old, knows the youngest Chime, Max Stoiber (SFS ’11). Alumni fly in to sing at monthly Chimes nights at The Tombs and invite the current “Actives” to sing at weddings and at office Christmas parties. The Chimes are relatively unique in their[Read More…]

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Clubs Can’t Pressure Freshmen

Every fall, Georgetown sees a wave of new students who possess a potent combination of ambition, enthusiasm and almost total ignorance of the various clubs at Georgetown. This leads them to join, enroll and enlist in any and every organization that solicits their participation. Without a doubt, this influx of[Read More…]

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Sitting on the Sidelines Won’t Defeat Campus Intolerance

Georgetown is not the proudly open-minded, progressive place we all pretend it is. Though we present our campus as having a socially conscious, forward-thinking culture, it is an indisputable fact that bias exists at Georgetown. We cannot call ourselves a tolerant campus when intolerance and self-segregation are so prevalent. And[Read More…]

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Counsel for the Career Center

The beginning months of the academic year also mark the start of an often nerve-wracking process for seniors: the search for suitable post-graduation employment. These students turn to the most obvious resource available on campus, the MBNA Career Education Center, for guidance. Though the career center has many services available[Read More…]

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