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Georgetown Forever

Underclassmen, be warned: Brush up on your small talk skills or you may be in for a whirlwind of a senior year. From stuffy networking events to boisterous family meet-ups, people will want to know whether college has “paid off” for you. For the senior, reciprocation is demanded, especially when[Read More…]

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Grappling With Class: An Unspoken Divide

Grappling With Class: An Unspoken Divide

For T’Keel Petersen (MSB ’12), seizing every opportunity at Georgetown has not come easily. To study abroad at Oxford University the summer after his sophomore year, Petersen was forced to weave together a patchwork of grants and contributions from extended family; the financial aid package that makes his enrollment at Georgetown possible did[Read More…]

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Beyond the News: A Paper in Progress

As with most things at The Hoya, it all started with a phone call. I was a first-semester freshman copy editor, recently promoted to deputy copy editor status, and my rational self was going to take my sweet time before making any major on-campus commitments. Kidding. The newly elected copy[Read More…]

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Saudi Prince’s Office Issues Rebuttal in Assault Case

The office of Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, a major donor to the university and one of the world’s richest men, has released evidence to refute allegations leveled against him in a recently reopened sexual assault case. Alwaleed is accused of drugging and raping a 20-year-old model in August 2008 while sailing on his luxury[Read More…]

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Brawl Breaks Out in Hoyas’ China Matchup

Brawl Breaks Out in Hoyas’ China Matchup

A men’s basketball matchup against a Chinese professional team devolved into a heated brawl Thursday night, prompting Head Coach John Thompson III to pull his squad off the court in the fourth quarter. The fight broke out as the the game against the Bayi Rockets was tied at 64. As players and[Read More…]

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You’ll Want to Visit This Trendy Gastropub Again

You’ll Want to Visit This Trendy Gastropub Again

For my second visit to Againn, a downtown gastropub now known for its contemporary spin on British and Irish fare, the backdrop was a little different. I wasn’t with my parents, a pair of Irish restaurateurs who, on our February visit, digested the atmosphere and menu at Againn as part[Read More…]

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Hankering for Some Fresh Seafood?

Hankering for Some Fresh Seafood?

For all the New England expats soaking up the D.C. humidity this summer, Hank’s Oyster Bar offers a refreshing taste of home — with a twist that only a city below the Mason-Dixon Line could offer. The restaurant, located off Dupont Circle at 17th and Q streets, bills itself as[Read More…]

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Pushing Forward to Serve Our Community

Independence has long been our chief goal at The Hoya. In order to maximize our ability to serve our readership, we need to establish ourselves as a fully autonomous news corporation. Becoming absolutely responsible for our financial situation will allow us to grow and develop as a publication in new[Read More…]

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Students Encounter Intruder in Nighttime Break-In

Two student residents of a West Georgetown home were victims of a nighttime break-in on Sunday. According to one of the students, who asked to remain anonymous for her own safety, the sound of glass shattering at about 4 a.m. awoke her and her roommate, who then encountered an intruder[Read More…]

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GU Evacuates All 15 Students Studying in Egypt

GU Evacuates All 15 Students Studying in Egypt

All 15 Georgetown students studying at the American University in Cairo have been evacuated from Egypt, where a nine-day-old uprising against President Hosni Mubarak’s regime has prompted the leader to withdraw from upcoming elections. On Monday afternoon, the group landed securely in Doha, Qatar, and was welcomed by School of Foreign Service[Read More…]

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