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A New Form of Gender Inequality

Rabat, Morocco — Picture this: rows of tables line the cafe’s outer wall, and wooden chairs face out onto the street. On any given weekday, dozens of men can be found seated comfortably outside, sipping on their espressos and staring blankly at passersby. Walk around the city and, rest assured,[Read More…]

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D.C. Alternative to New York and Chicago Style Pizza

D.C. Alternative to New York and Chicago Style Pizza

★★★★★ Pizza is one of those foods that always gets personal. It’s a simple concept: bread, tomato sauce and cheese. Yet, from Chicago, New York and all the way to Italy, everyone claims to have gotten it right. However, there seems to be no consensus on a favorite. There will[Read More…]

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Cuisine with Unmet Potential

Cuisine with Unmet Potential

★★☆☆☆ Overlooking the city from an upstairs vantage point in Adams Morgan, Roofers Union lays claim to a notably scenic and vibrant location in the D.C. area. Sporting a modern, almost minimalist interior design, the restaurant is adorned with wooden floorboards, iron table sets, warm lights hanging from the ceiling,[Read More…]

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Vegan Restaurant Brings West Coast Vibes to D.C.

Vegan Restaurant Brings West Coast Vibes to D.C.

★★★★☆ $$ Immediately walking through the front doors of Native Foods, the brightly colored hues splattered across the walls catch the eyes of patrons, blending together simplistic artwork with inspirational quotes. This storefront in Penn Quarter, overlooking the Navy Memorial, is one of two new locations nestled in the heart[Read More…]

Movie Review: ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’

Movie Review: ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’

★★★☆☆ Although “Kingsman” has an all-star cast, it lacks originality and is only able to bring about a laugh with some of its shock value. With Colin Firth and Samuel L. Jackson, this film was surrounded with high expectations. But the movie draws too heavily from other films and lacks[Read More…]

The Beauty of Imperfection

Some say thinner is better, while others think we could all use a little meat on our bones. Some favor more muscle while others strive for less overall body mass. The list goes on: dark skin or light skin, straight hair or curly hair, more makeup or au natural. And[Read More…]

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Products from the "fatgirl" range.

Beauty Product Branding Exploits Lack of Confidence

Over the past few weeks, I believed we had made a lot of progress in terms of encouraging self-confidence and positive body image. Take Meghan Trainor’s new single “All About That Bass,” which proclaims, “I know you think you’re fat, but I’m here to tell you that, every inch of[Read More…]

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They may be called friends, but the Facebook community is one of the most damaging groups to be a part of for our self esteem.

Measuring Self Worth Through Facebook

Did you know that happy couples on Facebook are the least liked? That may seem twisted, and yet I’m not the least bit surprised. I remember when I first got a Facebook account. I wanted to join a community and feel like I was a part of something. With MySpace[Read More…]

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The Ugly Side of Modeling

The Ugly Side of Modeling

I was listening to the radio when the host announced, “Up next, an underwear model with body image issues,” to which her co-worker scoffed, “This is important stuff right here.” I guess I didn’t catch the punch line. The man on the radio brushed the headline off as a joke,[Read More…]

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Youtube fitness star Amanda Russell has received negative backlash for being too skinny.

The Danger of Skinny Shaming

They say real women have curves. So does that mean that women who wear a 32 A or fit comfortably into size zero pants, aren’t real? In my previous columns, I’ve focused on the pressure we face as women to eat less, work out more, and constantly refine our bodies.[Read More…]