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IRVINE: For Students’ Safety, Allow Guns on Campus

Laws restricting gun ownership will not prevent gun violence or end school shootings. For our safety, Georgetown University should arm campus police and the D.C. Council should allow students to carry firearms on campuses. Joining nearly 3,000 schools nationwide, Georgetown students participated in a walkout Wednesday to demand legislative action[Read More…]

by March 15, 2018 24 comments Opinion, Opinion - Top

VIEWPOINT: Confessions of a College Virgin

I am a 20-year-old virgin. I already know what you probably think about me. I am also the president of Love Saxa, a group dedicated to healthy relationships and sexual integrity; we often get the reputation as the abstinence club or the anti-same-sex marriage club, depending on whom you ask.[Read More…]

by September 6, 2017 51 comments Opinion, Opinion - Top

When Pro-Choice Is Anti-Choice

I am pro-life because our world today is broken and hurting, and I want to love the broken and the hurting. The fact is many women in our society are in pain. They live in an oppressive, unloving society. Planned Parenthood says it wants to serve women and even wants[Read More…]

by April 22, 2016 23 comments Opinion, Opinion - Top