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Map Exemption Rate Soars, Adding to Debate

With debate over changes to Map of the Modern World, a required School of Foreign Service undergraduate course, revived last week after the release of the results of an exemption examination, an independent student task force is poised to review the syllabus changes. Sixty-five students passed the exemption exam –[Read More…]

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SFS Overhauls Map of the Modern World Course

SFS Overhauls Map of the Modern World Course

Image ContributorThe SFS will see a reimagined Map of the Modern World class next semester. *Updated at 3:48 p.m. on Sept. 22.* The School of Foreign Service Curriculum Committee was presented with significant changes to the Map of the Modern World syllabus on Friday. The changes are planned to take[Read More…]

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College Names Interim Dean

Theology professor Chester Gillis was named interim dean of Georgetown College for one year yesterday, filling the post that will be vacated by current Dean Jane McAuliffe on July 1. University Provost James O’Donnell said that Georgetown will launch a nationwide search for a permanent dean this summer. Gillis, a[Read More…]

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Alcohol Working Group Creates Blog for Suggestions

The working group charged with examining and revising the university’s altered alcohol policy recently launched a blog in an effort to increase student involvement in the discussion. The Alcohol Policy Working Group created the blog to help compile a list of recommended changes to the alcohol policy, which the group[Read More…]

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Review Board Rejects Athletic Facility Design

It’s back to the drawing board. The Old Georgetown Board rejected last week the university’s design plans for a proposed new athletics facility, holding that the structure of the building would not complement the university’s historic architecture. The decision was announced only days after the local Advisory Neighborhood Commission unanimously[Read More…]

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University Proposes Athletics Facility

In addition to the new business school and science buildings, Georgetown may see another structure erected in the next decade. The university recently proposed the construction of a new athletic practice facility, which, if approved by the local Advisory Neighborhood Commission next month, may bring Georgetown’s largely criticized athletic facilities[Read More…]

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Fresh Off Death Row, a Man Fights For a Cause

A former death-row inmate who was exonerated after almost 18 years in prison described his experience and called for the abolition of the death penalty in a speech yesterday in White Gravenor. Juan Melendez spent 17 years, eight months and one day on death row in Florida after being convicted[Read More…]

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Georgetown Ranked ‘Dream’ School

If you’ve often found yourself thinking about Georgetown long after dozing off for the night, you’re not alone. The university is a “dream” school in the eyes of both prospective college students and parents, according to a survey released recently by the Princeton Review. Georgetown placed ninth among schools chosen[Read More…]

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Some Object To Senior Gift Selection

When the Senior Class Gift Committee decided last year to fund the construction of a park outside Reiss Science Building, it continued a long-standing trend of senior classes who wanted to leave a unique imprint on the Hilltop. So when this year’s SCGC announced that its parting gift to the[Read More…]

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