It’s another great season to be a Redskins fan during the oh-so-memorable Daniel Snyder era. Oh, wait . maybe not.

Sunday’s disaster at FedEx Field against the Kansas City Chiefs dropped the Redskins’ record to 0-3, a disastrous stretch during which Washington has been outscored 112-16. I wouldn’t even wish that kind of incompetence on the Dallas Cowboys.

Sadly, this is likely to be the continuing story of the Redskins this season, as owner Dan Snyder has taken the solid but underachieving team he bought a couple seasons ago and turned them into the butt of jokes everywhere. Featuring a reject of a quarterback, a washed-up coach, a meddling owner and an overpaid (even in retirement) Deion Sanders who hung up his pads rather than be a Redskin for another season, the Redskins have a little bit of everything that is wrong with professional sports today.

Despite the low expectations most people had of the ‘Skins coming into this season (unlike last year’s $100 million, 8-8 debacle), nobody could have imagined that things would get this ugly this quickly. A 30-3 loss at San Diego (which finished a solid 1-15 last season) to open the season was thought to be the exception rather than the rule, but it has been followed by 37-0 and 45-13 spankings.

The 37-0 loss at Green Bay was especially gratifying, as a national Monday Night Football audience got to witness exactly how ridiculous Washington has become. Sunday’s home opener was only more salt for the wounds, as the 0-2 Chiefs rolled into the Redskins’ back yard and beat them into submission, 45-13. At one point the Chiefs scored touchdowns on five consecutive possessions while out-gaining the Redskins 546 yards to 218. The sad thing is, it’s probably not going to get much better.

Dan Snyder’s $100 million spending spree before the 2000 season brought Washington a whole lot of nothing, except for salary cap issues that will dog the team for years: Deion Sanders (retired, still counts against the salary cap), Jeff George (released due to utter stupidity, counts against the cap), Bruce Smith (set to retire thanks to Washington’s turmoil), Larry Centers (gone after one year) and head coach Marty Schottenheimer (overpaid, and obviously under-skilled).

Dan Snyder tromped into town claiming to be the savior of the Redskins, a proud franchise that struggled through a tough stretch in the late ’90s. Helicoptering to practices and getting his mug out in public as much as possible, Snyder talked big but has done nothing but meddle.

Norv Turner, an offensive genius who had his ups and downs as coach, was fired with three games remaining last December: Net result, the Redskins lose their last three games. Supposed football genius Marty Schottenheimer was then hired in the offseason, bringing in friends and family members to fill out positions on the coaching staff: Net result, the Redskins start the 2001 season 0-3, losing all three games in horrible fashion.

Good call, Danny.

One of the first moves Schottenheimer made upon his arrival was to select Jeff George over Brad Johnson as Washington’s starting quarterback, allowing Johnson to escape D.C. for Tampa Bay. In the meantime, George was released last week by the Redskins after leading the team to a grand total of three points in the first two games of the season.

This should come as no surprise, as George’s cannon arm doesn’t fit into the West Coast offense Schottenheimer runs. In addition, George has a reputation as a loser and clubhouse cancer everywhere he has played. Now the Redskins are led by Tony Banks, cast off by both the Cowboys and Ravens – there’s a sign that you’re a quarterback with skills.

Good call, Marty.

Schottenheimer followed this up by releasing Larry Centers, a possession fullback who is one of the best possession receivers in the NFL and would be a valuable tool to have in a short passing attack. The Redskins passing offense now resides among the worst in football and has found the end zone exactly once this year.

Good call, Marty.

As much as I am the eternal optimist, the only positive that can potentially come out of this season for the Redskins is landing one of the top picks in April’s draft. Maybe Dan Snyder will go bankrupt and be forced to sell the team, but that’s unlikely as long as fans keep buying the tickets and drinking $7 beers.

Despite yet another sellout on Sunday, FedEx Field was half-deserted midway through the third quarter and a few early-season brown-bag heads were starting to pop up. There are no signs that any of this will change as long as the current decision makers are allowed to do their incompetent deeds at Redskin Park.

It’s bad enough that Washington has the Wizards (M.J. excepted), but now this? Pity us Redskins fans, because the ugliness is just beginning.

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