To the Editor:

I just read Zara Khan’s viewpoint in the most recent HOYA (“Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Parallels African Apartheid,” Jan. 24, 2006, A3) and was dumbfounded. Could a student at Georgetown, usually considered to be home to a fairly bright group of kids, really be espousing such ill-founded views?

I mean, the parallels between the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and apartheid are obvious, right? Because so many black South Africans blew themselves up to kill whites, right? It takes a heavy dose of self-delusion not to understand that the Israeli wall is not to “control” Palestinians, but to stop Palestinian terrorists and suicide bombers from killing more innocent Israelis.

Perhaps the esteemed Ms. Khan and the Palestinians she supports would do well to learn from the peaceful methods used by Nelson andela in South Africa to end apartheid. Until such time as that lesson is learned, however, Israel is fully justified in protecting its populace from suicide killers by putting several feet of concrete between its citizens and terrorists.

J.P. Medved (MSB ’09)

Jan. 24, 2006

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