By Nicholas Johnston Famous Hoya Columnist

It’s great to be back.

Of course, I’m sure many of you are wondering where I’ve been for the last week. Did I miss my deadline last Friday? Or maybe I’ve become Jeff DeMartino and begun writing about salad. Well, rest assured, gentle reader, neither of those things have happened. Hoya editors have merely, in the interest of promoting other writers, decided to make me bi-weekly. And of course I know better than to ever voice any sort of opinion at all that would even remotely be at odds with the wishes of the wise and munificent editors here at The Hoya.

But, if any of you miss reading my clever musings every week, as opposed to every other week, please do not hesitate to send thousands and thousands of e-mails to The Hoya expressing your opinion. Their address is:

But editorial tyranny aside, let me inaugurate this first column of the new year by wrapping up some loose ends from the last.

First, I’d like to announce that at midnight on Jan. 4, I officially renounced my allegiance to the Florida State Seminoles. I am currently not a fan of any football team because, for obvious reasons, I refuse any sort of loyalty towards Tennessee, and, although Ohio State did reasonably well this year, Ohio is decidedly north. And we all know about college football teams from the north. They’d be better off playing lacrosse.

So I’m just going to content myself with cheering for the Falcons in the Super Bowl and pray that John Elway is quickly decapitated by a crippling defensive face mask. One of my housemates has got 40 bucks riding on it (an Atlanta victory, not an Elway death). Go Falcons!

Student government wasted no time this year in once again starting to waste our time. I’m proud to say, though, that GUSA itself, technically, had little involvement in the latest fiasco and would have had none at all if I had prevailed last year. But I didn’t, and in case you missed it – and you did – the Student Leadership Reform Group (SLRG) had their elections on Monday. I’m proud to say that a whopping six percent (6.66 percent actually, coincidence?) of the student body turned out for the election.

Essentially, more people took the time last year to vote explicitly against my candidacy for GUSA president than even bothered to participate in the SLRG elections on Monday. But hey, what’s a governmental reform group without a solid mandate from the masses? Exactly. Nothing. Sorry guys, maybe next time you’ll try to do good within the system instead of gutting it from without as well-intentioned populists.

I don’t want to be entirely negative, though. The weather is warming (in January?), and the grim specter of graduating in May without a job or any marketable skills (“Will Write Arrogantly For Food”) has yet to sink in and truly terrify me. So in the interim, this blissful interim, I decided to go to a basketball game because I had heard – and this is a shocker for me since I thought Iverson went pro – we’re actually winning games now. And even when we’re not actually winning games, we’re truly holding our own. Case in point: Monday night when I was privileged enough to see Georgetown play a great game against the top-ranked University of Connecticut.

But for me what was even more impressive than Hoya basketball, as good as I always knew it should be – aside from the view from my famous MCI Center club seats – was the fact that students, a lot of them, came to the game and supported the team. As far as I could tell from my club level seats, the Georgetown kids who had packed the student section were having a grand old time. So grand that it even infected those of us sitting far above their proletarian revelry. Famous Columnist Guest Matt Vogel (SFS ’00), in fact, spent the evening proclaiming his utmost joy at being a Georgetown student cheering on Georgetown basketball. Almost to the point of annoyance.

For me, the true feeling of the night was perfectly illustrated after the game when I crammed into a school bus with scores of happy, cheering, shouting fellow students and heard one disbelieving killjoy ask, “Why is everybody acting like we won?” What he didn’t understand is that, in a way, we did. Sure, 78-71 is technically a loss, but the joy of seeing Georgetown face down a top-ranked rival along with thousands of others was something I had been missing since my freshman year. It was wonderful to get it back.

Finally, I want to thank Paul Miller (COL ’99) for mentioning me in his recent column and allowing my tradition of only reading articles – well okay, paragraphs – that contain an explicit reference to me to extend to the Independent. Now if I could just get someone at the Voice to write something interesting. Well, maybe The Hoya will contain me next week. Or then again, maybe not. Remember kids, keep those cards and letters coming. Let’s put the “Weekly” back in “Arrogant Weekly Columnist.” That e-mail address again: And here’s to Georgetown beating Villanova tomorrow. I’m going to be at the game. Just look for me in the good seats.

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