MEAGAN KELLY/THE HOYA Angert and Kluger will depart in the spring following two terms in office.
Angert and Kluger will depart in the spring following two terms in office.

“I was a GUSA senator freshman year, and my experience there was that the senate doesn’t get too much done, but I think that the president and the executive board [do] work hard to get stuff done. That stuff doesn’t always come into effect because it gets caught up in administrative problems, but they do work hard,” Michael Lonie (COL ’11) said.

The leading candidate opposing their re-election, Matt Wagner (SFS ’11), only had positive things to say about the two. “Calen and Jason approach the job very professionally. I would have focused on very different areas than they have done but they represent [the] general will of students,” Wagner said.

According to Angert and Kluger, their administration’s greatest success has been reforming the inner workings of GUSA itself.

“[The biggest victory] has been a cultural shift that we have brought about, more than any single action item. The only way those things can happen is when students work together, and the only way students are going to work together is if there is a no-nonsense culture,” Angert said.

Angert and Kluger said their close working relationship has made their performances as president and vice president all the more effective.

“We were good friends before coming in, and not some strategic thing that old GUSA did in the past. It let us work really closely, honestly. We could solve any issue even if we had difference of opinion just by working it out and having this close personal relationship on the side,” Kluger said.

For Angert, their soon-to-be-finished term’s success is best measured by their efforts to secure a tradition of results for future GUSA leaders.

“This whole term has been about setting the groundwork,” Angert said. “We are not looking to say ‘we did this and this and this.’ I’m much more interested in seeing this organization go forward.”

Hoya Staff Writers Sarah Kaplan and Mariah Byrne contributed to this report.

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