At the Advisory Neighborhood Council 2E (ANC 2E) meeting last night, both Apple Inc. and The North Face went before the committee to propose designs for their future stores.

The Apple store design was approved by the ANC 2E last month but was subsequently rejected by the Old Georgetown Board. The new design, the fifth Apple has brought before the ANC, was very slightly remodeled; new metal pieces were added to divide the large storefront window structure and two recessed side windows were brought closer to the street front. This new design was unanimously passed by ANC 2E and will face the Old Georgetown Board on Thursday.

Commissioner and ANC 2E Treasurer Charles Eason Jr. said, “ANCE 2E reacts favorably to the design and has no objections to the concept as presented.”

The fate of the new proposal for The North Face store on 3333 M St. NW was less promising. The popular outdoor gear store proposed two separate sign elements for the new store, one of which scaled the face of the building. This tall red sign covered up the stonework of the building and was rejected by the board.

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