Each candidate endorsed by Georgetown this year for the Rhodes, Marshall and Mitchell Scholarships are current or former members of the Carroll Fellows Initiative. Last year, Carroll Fellows made up three out of the four candidates nominated for a Truman Scholarship, including Joanna Foote (SFS ’13), who was the eventual recipient.

For a program that has helped students receive such accolades, it’s time that the Carroll Fellows Initiative received recognition as a thriving program on campus.

The Carroll Fellows Initiative, a three-and-a-half-year enrichment program, attracts some of Georgetown’s most academically talented and ambitious undergraduates. Its success is significant: Beyond producing a number of scholarship candidates, the program annually generates graduates who are prepared for elite work opportunities beyond the Hilltop.

Despite its success, the program suffers from a lack of proper promotion. Few Georgetown students even know what the Carroll Fellows Initiative is. While there is an annual open house in Gervase Hall during Parents’ Weekend, more needs to be done to make freshmen and transfer students aware of the many opportunities that the program provides, including the chance to engage in extensive undergraduate research.

Undoubtedly, the initiative’s success in developing student talent demonstrates its ability to further the university’s goals. It’s up to university administrators to recognize the program and ensure its continued development.

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